Day 9....Time To Move On

Good Morning All,
Big Meadow Lake
In the mountains you have a tendency to retire early around 10 P.M. and start to stir around 5 A.M. as the multitude of birds start their morning song. Even after all the commotion last night Dave and I had a very restful sleep, one of our best since we have been up here. It's just getting up and out of the tent that is the small setback. I have to rock myself up on one knee and curl my toes under then push myself up from a crouch position and then in a bent fashion open the tent door by unzipping two zippers and back out of the tent in tiny baby steps all the while trying to hold my 60 year old bladder. It's hilarious to watch. I made it up to the outhouse and back in fine fashion.

We planned to meet Jim and Bobbie and go to breakfast in town. Got dressed and went to knock on their door. Jim answered and said to give them 30 minutes or so as they were just stirring. Seems they had a bad situation in the campground last night and had to call out the sheriff and stayed up all night to make sure the person did not come back. This is what all the car lights and flashlights were about. I felt sorry for Bobbie as she looked whipped as did Jim, and they had a long busy day ahead of them.

We went over to the lake and watched an early morning fisherman float the lake in his tube. The lake was so still, it was like glass and the reflections beautiful. Dave took some more shots. Some of the animals we have encountered at Big Meadows have been deer, chipmunks, a weasel (I had never seen one before, they are quite small and very fast), hummingbirds and marmots, lots of marmots or as they are better known as whistling pigs. What we have not encountered is bear, moose and elk, thank goodness. If you ever get this way be sure to stop at Big Meadow and take time to take in the view and experience the solitude and wonder of this great country and what it has to offer you.
In one particular spot I spied a plastic bag and some trash in the brush. I couldn't stand it any longer as it had been there all week and so I had to go and pick it up and put it in the trash bin. Why do people feel it is necessary to just let their trash run a-muck. The rule is if you bring it in you take it out or dispose of it properly. Pick up your site and leave it better than the person before you and don't leave the dirty baby diapers in the fire pits! Not too many Boy Scouts out there I guess.

We finally got with Bobby and Jim and put them in our car and went into South Fork for breakfast at the Feelin' Good Coffee shop and Cafe. Breakfast was a little slow as it was Logger Days and there was a big crowd in to eat. But it was good. One of the waitresses was from Newalla, OK and I told her I would send her an Oklahoma Sooner Cup for the restaurants use. Will miss those buckwheat pancakes. Saw two very young bucks trotting down towards us on the road back to the campsite. They actually looked like they did not know what to do. Dave got a picture of them. We got back to camp and started process of breaking down the tent and such. 

I will miss this place and boondocking. It is so beautiful and peaceful and cool here. A great place to escape the heat of Oklahoma. We are finally packed. We went and said our goodbyes. Bobbie and Jim will be coming through to visit the Ramirez's around the 13th of October and promised to come by and see us.

We discovered that we had a lot in common. We both like to have the occasional glass of wine. We both love opera, are artistic, see objects and faces in everyday items. You 
Me and Bobbie, my new friend!
have to have an imagination to do it. Guess we are both lucky in that regard. Some people never see the objects or faces in the everyday items.
Christie's thinking rock which is taller than me!
We went up to site 23 where Christie's thinking rock was 21 years ago. It was still there for the kids to play and imagine on. All those years ago she begged us to bring it home for our front yard so she could climb on it and think. 

I remember when the girls were younger they loved camping here, they had so much fun and didn't want to leave. There is so much to see and do. No wonder children love it here.
Moss in bloom

As we were leaving the area I had been wanting to shoot pictures of the moss in bloom. Now I have my chance. I think I got some great shots.

Down out of the mountains we came. Dave asked where I wanted to go next and I said Leadville, it's a great place to go as well. Just thinking about those big cinnamon rolls generally called "Mountain Pleasure" at the Golden Burro Cafe makes my mouth water. http://www.goldenburro.com/breakfast.asp Just about that time the service engine light came back on and we both looked at each other and made the decision to head on home instead. We got to Alamosa and filled up with gas, and looked for the little food co-op that Bobbie had recommended. http://www.valleyfoodcoop.com/ I had tasted some great chicken sausage and raw milk cheese at the Farmer's market in South Fork that was terrific so we made the stop to get some. Dave also found some thick rolled oats and bought a dollars worth, me thinks he should have bought more as I know how much he loves them. I will have to see if I can get the items in Norman. The chicken sausage had chicken, green chilies and chives in it. The cheese was a Sharp Cheddar.

We pressed on through the rest of the day and into the night. Fixed Peanut Butter sandwiches and had chips while the car was in motion. We stopped and got gas in Clayton, NM. I did a little driving so Dave could take a break and get some rest I made it all the way to Dumas, Tx, I'm proud of myself as I am not a night time driver. We made the decision not to stop except for gas and to also take the longer route home down through the panhandle of Texas to Amarillo and across into Oklahoma, as there was cell service should we run into trouble. We did stop to take a break in Dumas, TX at a DQ around 10 P.M. We pressed on into Amarillo which was getting ready to get hit by a big thunderstorm. Somehow we managed to miss it.
                                                                               A Texas Panhandle sunset outside of Dalhart, TX
We're Oklahoma bound at last, made the turn onto I-40 East bound. Once you leave Amarillo there is nothing out there. Thank God for Hollis, OK, A Love's station, with bathrooms and a Subway store. Dave got a 6" cold cut trio and had them cut it in half. It was good. Every little town we came to had a travel plaza of some sort. It was a welcomed site. Got to Norman around 4:30 A.M. July 19th. Could not sleep so for the first time in 9 days watched some TV. Ah sleep, blessed sleep at last after a 16 hour drive and a 21 hour day.

Amore and Arrivederci For Now

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