Movie Date

Dave surprised me quite a bit this past week and I couldn't be happier. I love movies and there were several that I wanted and one in particular that I wanted to go to. First Dave got me "RED" which is a fun spy spoof with Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman, John Malkovich and Helen Mirren. Next he got me "Secretariat." Oh my gosh, what an inspiring story and what an outstanding horse. Yesterday he took me to see "The King's Speech" with Colin Firth, Jeffery Rush and Helena Bonham-Carter. I can see why it was nominated for 12 academy awards. Both Dave and I were wiping away tears at the end of the movie.

So, there are my pick for must see movies.

Happy trails...


Class Action Lawsuit...

This morning Dave went on-line to read up on my problem with my dead computer and lo and behold he found a plethora of information from many dissatisfied customers on the problems with the NVIDIA graphics card and wireless card on the HP machine. It seems like the machine should have had two cooling fans and a better copper heat distributor as the solder on the graphics card would over heat and come undone therefore causing the computer to fail within two years. There have been so many problems with the graphics card that a class action law suit was brought against NVIDIA and this morning I joined it.

So we will see what comes of it if anything, hopefully I will get some return so I can get a new computer. Will keep you posted.

Happy trails...


Up In Smoke...

They say your life flashes before your eyes when you are about to die, I wonder if that's what happened to my computer yesterday as it gasped it's last electronic breath as the screen went to glow with no graphics? Do computers have feelings? I think not, but I do and at the moment it is one of pure frustration. Yesterday we had the day off from work as bad weather moved in and a snow day was declared.

In October of 2009 my computer died and I had to get a new motherboard put in. I did not get the computer back until January of 2010. You guessed it, the motherboard went out again yesterday 1 year later and this time it's not under warranty. So guess what Susie has to do, get a new computer.

So I ask you, do you have any recommendations? I currently have a defunct HP and am looking at a Toshiba. I'm really frustrated as I don't need this aggravation while working on taxes or my inventory for my Mary Kay business. My whole life is on that computer. Thank goodness my IT Tech in Kansas City was able to remote in and back-up the whole computer to an external hard drive I have. Once I get my new computer I can up-load everything and be back in business, hopefully in a short amount of time.

Happy trails...


Back at Work...

Yesterday was my first day back at work. Everyone was happy to see me and likewise. For me it was a very, very long day. Matter of fact I was so worn out by noon that I had to go home and take a 30 minute power nap so I could finish the day. You wouldn't think that sitting would wear you out so much.

Last evening after work Dave and I went over to the Houston Huffman Center and re-upped our membership so I can use the exercise equipment. Last year I went at noon to do my exercises but this year I am going to do it after work so Dave can go with me and he can exercise too. I rode the bicycle for 10 minutes which was really painful until I could get the bend going then it leveled out. Then I sat on a high chair and did 100 leg swings. After that we went home and Dave fixed dinner.

I actually got to bed at a decent time, 11:00 p.m. and slept till 6:00 a.m. WOW! 7 hours of straight sleep.

Today has been better, I did not have to take a power nap at noon and am still going strong. I'm still slow but pacing myself. I have to get up periodically and walk the hall to relieve the stiffness of my leg. Besides I need the exercise.

Tomorrow is going to be iffy weather wise. The forecast is for sleet and snow and I have been told to stay home if the white stuff shows up. The staff doesn't want me to fall, neither do I. Looking outside you would never think there's a major winter storm pushing it's way into the state. I can see the clouds gathering on the horizon and moving this way. Hopefully I can get to the store and pick up the fix-ins for homemade Tacos and Guacamole. I'm ready for some Mexican food, amigo.

Happy trails...


Oh Happy Day...

My six week check-up for my total knee replacement was today, scheduled for noon. Noon came and went and about 1:30 p.m. I was shown into an examination room. One poor lady had been waiting since 10:45 to see the Dr., she finally got in about 1:15 p.m. Apparently an emergency came up at the hospital and it delayed the good Dr. In these matters I wish the staff would let us know so we would not have to sit there in the waiting room for several hours and we could make a decision to either re-schedule or have them call us when they see the Dr. is getting close to seeing us and we can make it back to the office for the appointment. Our time is just a valuable as theirs.

Once the Dr. got into the examination room he had me walk and then measured my leg. I now have 108 degrees of bend. He was really happy with my progress and wanted to see me in 3 months. So I have 3 months to get to the 125 degrees of bend I want to be at.

Tomorrow I will be heading out to my last physical therapy appointment. I will miss working with Karen, Cori and Mark. They make a great team. After that I will have to do my therapy on my own at the Recreation Center at the University like I did last year. It was quite a workout but I found I rather enjoyed it. This year instead of working out at noon I will go after work so Dave can go with me and help me with the equipment. Some of the equipment is a little difficult for me to handle on my own.

I have shed the compression hose and my legs feel so much better, however my right leg seem to be rather sensitive and certain clothes irritate the whole leg even my feet. I am still trying to find that sweet spot to sleep. I still can't sleep past 3 hours then up for 2 hours and then back to sleep for 4 to 5 hours. I need to get back into a rhythm for I go back to work next Tuesday. My holidays are fast coming to an end.

Dave and I are going to go to a movie after my physical therapy appointment tomorrow, my first in 2 months. Dave just has to see "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part I" for a second time. I've had to wait until I could bend my knee and keep it in that position for several hours. I will make sure to take a pain pill before hand so I don't cramp up and will sit in a seat where I can stretch my leg out.

Each day gets a bit better, it takes a full year to fully recover from this surgery and once it is over I look forward to hiking again.

Happy trails to you all....


90 Degrees...

Yesterday was my first visit back to the Physical Therapist since before Christmas as my therapy group shuts down for the holidays. At my last appointment before the break, I was at a stretched 85 degrees. Yesterday I was at the coveted 90 degrees. Karen, my therapist was surprised to see that I had graduated myself to the cane over the Christmas break and was happy to know that I had worked at my therapy during the break. She decided that I needed to go on the recumbent bike and figured that I might not be able to make the complete circle but I proved her wrong just like I did last year during my first knee surgery.

I am still having a lot of pain due to swelling but am striving to go greater distances between pain pills as I have to return to work on the 18th of January. I see the doctor on the 13th for my six week check up. I would like to be at about 108 degrees of bend at that time as it will make sitting in a chair at work a whole lot easier.

I still wear out rather easily and am working on getting my full strength back. I'm looking forward to getting into the gym to get more stretch in my knee just as I did last year. This journey defiantly take a year to recover. But It is so worth it. I can walk without the cane but sway from side to side which is not good. So for the time being I'm relying on my cane to lengthen my stride so I don't have the "limp".

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and Happy New Year to you all.

Happy Trails....