Oh Happy Day...

My six week check-up for my total knee replacement was today, scheduled for noon. Noon came and went and about 1:30 p.m. I was shown into an examination room. One poor lady had been waiting since 10:45 to see the Dr., she finally got in about 1:15 p.m. Apparently an emergency came up at the hospital and it delayed the good Dr. In these matters I wish the staff would let us know so we would not have to sit there in the waiting room for several hours and we could make a decision to either re-schedule or have them call us when they see the Dr. is getting close to seeing us and we can make it back to the office for the appointment. Our time is just a valuable as theirs.

Once the Dr. got into the examination room he had me walk and then measured my leg. I now have 108 degrees of bend. He was really happy with my progress and wanted to see me in 3 months. So I have 3 months to get to the 125 degrees of bend I want to be at.

Tomorrow I will be heading out to my last physical therapy appointment. I will miss working with Karen, Cori and Mark. They make a great team. After that I will have to do my therapy on my own at the Recreation Center at the University like I did last year. It was quite a workout but I found I rather enjoyed it. This year instead of working out at noon I will go after work so Dave can go with me and help me with the equipment. Some of the equipment is a little difficult for me to handle on my own.

I have shed the compression hose and my legs feel so much better, however my right leg seem to be rather sensitive and certain clothes irritate the whole leg even my feet. I am still trying to find that sweet spot to sleep. I still can't sleep past 3 hours then up for 2 hours and then back to sleep for 4 to 5 hours. I need to get back into a rhythm for I go back to work next Tuesday. My holidays are fast coming to an end.

Dave and I are going to go to a movie after my physical therapy appointment tomorrow, my first in 2 months. Dave just has to see "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part I" for a second time. I've had to wait until I could bend my knee and keep it in that position for several hours. I will make sure to take a pain pill before hand so I don't cramp up and will sit in a seat where I can stretch my leg out.

Each day gets a bit better, it takes a full year to fully recover from this surgery and once it is over I look forward to hiking again.

Happy trails to you all....


  1. Glad to read of your progress. Good for you!

  2. It sounds as though you are coming along nicely. It is a long and daunting task to get your mobility back but you know how to do it and what to expect now.

    Go For It!!!!

    I'll be praying that your recovery is complete and short!


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