Has It Really Been That Long...

What's the old saying?  Time flies when your having fun.  Well 40 years have flown by in the blink of an eye...I wonder where that time went?  It seems as if it was only yesterday I was making my wedding dress on my great grandmothers treddle sewing maching and then Dave and I got married at St. Mathews by the Lake Episcopal Church in Sand Springs, OK on a very hot summers evening surrounded by friends and family.

Our priest was Father Ernest Anderson from Scotland.  He came to this country as a woodcarver and carved the pews at Trinity Church in downtown Tulsa.  He fell in love with the church and became a priest.  Fr. Ernie was my catechism teacher.  To this day I still say Rite 1 of the 1940 Prayer Book.  I'm old fashion in that I don't like the updated modern version and under my breath say the old one. It just makes me feel better. 

I couldn't have found a better husband than Dave and I would not trade him for all the tea in China. He's a jewel that shines in my heart.  He has taken care of me through thick and thin. When we said our vows we meant, honor, cherish until death do us part.

What price do you put on love? There is none, it is priceless.  We have watched sunrises and sunsets. We have seen majestic mountains and valleys. We have seen our children grow and become responsible adults having their own children, passing on lessons learned. 

We are blessed beyond measure and for that we are thankful.

Happy 40th my's to 40 more!

Happy trails...With love...


A New Member of the Clan...

Friday the 13th was a big milestone in our family. Our daughter Heather gave birth to our second grandson Andrew Thomas...8lbs. 8oz.  Little Andrew made his appearance around 12:45p.m.  J's mom, dad, sister, brother-in-law and niece was there. Dave, Christie and I along with "I'm the Big Brother" Noah
Big brother Noah looking at his new brother

were in attendance as well.  So the waiting room was quite full.  Our daughter had to have a Cesarean due to fibroid surgery 3 years ago. 
Daddy and son!

If it had not been for Dr. John Putman in Dallas and the surgery he pioneered for uterine fibroids, they would have never been able to have their own children.
Heather and Andrew waiting for a room
Heather did not get into a room until about 8:45 p.m. The hospital was so busy delivering babies that mommies had to wait on rooms. But she was well taken care of by the nurses and staff.  I was quite impressed.  They have a new policy at Good Shepard Hospital.  The babies stay with you the whole time.  The only time the nurse takes the baby is to bathe it and weigh it.  The truest sense of rooming in. 
Andrew meeting his Auntie Christie
35 years ago Heather was one of first babies to room-in at University Hospital in Oklahoma City.  A news article was written about her.  The concept was new then, a mother and baby stayed in the same room and the mother took care of the baby.  The idea was to make the bond solid.  In the case of both of my girls, it did.  It was a wonderful experience.

Ah...there you are peeking out at us.
Here comes a yawn...

Oh such a big yawn!
Ah... back to sleep much for play time!

So our family grows and we could not be happier!  Welcome to the world Andrew!

Happy trails...


A Jar of Sweet Pickle Relish...

What better food to have on the 4th of July than hot dogs.    I started the dogs, Dave got the fixin's out.  He likes dill relish on his hot dogs, I, however like sweet pickle relish on mine.  While I'm chopping an onion and fixing some chili, Dave mentions that I'm just about out of my relish.  I looked at the jar and a flood of memories came rushing back of one year previous today. 

I was at my daughters house in Texas when I received a phone call from the wife of the former Director of our division informing me that my former boss and friend had drowned the day before in a rafting accident.  Needless to say I was shocked and numb at the same time. 

Joan is the the lady in Pink
Joan had been a lifesaver in so many ways for me when I started back to work full-time 12 years ago.  She and I were very much alike.  We both had children who were athletes and knew the rigors of traveling all over the country for tournaments.  She would let me work four 10 hour days so I could have the 5th day off for tournament travel.

Every Christmas gift that she would give to each of the people in her division was always related to full time travel.  I was the only person who recognized it.  I still have each and every one of the gifts she gave me and I intend to take them on the road with us when we start our full timing adventure. 

She saw to it that my kids had jobs to earn extra money.  When she and Alan sold their home she invited me and my daughter to come and look at some very nice blouses and coats she was going to give the the women's shelter, as she and I were the same size.  I found some terrific work blouses and a nice coat. She also had canned food in her pantry and asked us to see if there was anything we wanted before she carted it off to the food bank.  We found a lot of great canned items to stock our pantry with, one of them being three or four jars of Sweet Pickle Relish.  Keep in mind this was in 2005, the expiration date on the jar was 2009, I just finished using the last one in 2012! 
  Apparently Sweet Pickle Relish lasts forever!!!

Joan was a very giving person, in so many but quiet ways, always thinking of others.  I only saw her a few more times after she and Alan hit the road.  It always happened at the Sam's Club in Norman when she and Alan would be in town visiting friends, either she was leaving the store or we were heading into the store, always in the parking lot.  She always had that wonderful smile on her face and a I'm retired, when are you going to, twinkle in her eyes.

I will always remember that very kind and dear lady and all the small but great things she did for me and my family. 

I lift a jar to you, Joan!

Happy trails...  


He's TWO!!!...

We went to Texas last weekend to celebrate Noah's second birthday.  My daughter planed for weeks different activities for the kids, all based on Sesame Street. 

There was an Oscar the Grouch Trash Toss. 

 A Big Bird Bubble Station.

                                A Grover Color Station. 

Lots of food, cake and cookies!

A singing Elmo Happy Birthday Balloon!
A swim station with three different size pools and slip-n-slide. Dad even flopped on the slip-n-slide giving a thumbs up!

A swing set and a photo station for pictures with the Sesame Street Gang.
There were 35 to 40 people in the back yard. Everyone had a great time with so much to participate in.  Yes, it was hot but not as hot as last year.  Cake eating and present opening was in the backyard under the shade tree this year.

Boy that icing is G O O D!!!!!
Noah even blew out his candles on his special little cake, then proceeded to dive in.

Pals for life!
Everyone else had their choice of a piece of Bert and Ernie cake, special handmade Sesame cookies or special Sesame Character cupcakes.

Elmo, Oscar and Cookie Monster cupcakes all in a tray.

The only mishap that occurred happened the next day with me stepping in a fire ant hill.  I got 9 bites...OUCH!!! How the kids did not get bit I have no idea as they were running all around the yard without shoes.

Noah enjoying the water on a hot day!
Noah's birthday actual birthday was yesterday, June 30th where he spent part of the day at the new Splash Pad. What made it even more special was his picture at the Splash Pad dedication was on the front page of the local paper.
Picture that was on the front page of the local paper

The Photograhper was so taken with Noah that he included 2 shots of him for the web version of the paper. How neat is that!

He's such a fun little guy to be around. A little Dinamo on the go.

Can't wait to meet his little brother Andrew in 9 days.
Andrew giving his opinion of the party!

Happy trails...