A New Member of the Clan...

Friday the 13th was a big milestone in our family. Our daughter Heather gave birth to our second grandson Andrew Thomas...8lbs. 8oz.  Little Andrew made his appearance around 12:45p.m.  J's mom, dad, sister, brother-in-law and niece was there. Dave, Christie and I along with "I'm the Big Brother" Noah
Big brother Noah looking at his new brother

were in attendance as well.  So the waiting room was quite full.  Our daughter had to have a Cesarean due to fibroid surgery 3 years ago. 
Daddy and son!

If it had not been for Dr. John Putman in Dallas and the surgery he pioneered for uterine fibroids, they would have never been able to have their own children.
Heather and Andrew waiting for a room
Heather did not get into a room until about 8:45 p.m. The hospital was so busy delivering babies that mommies had to wait on rooms. But she was well taken care of by the nurses and staff.  I was quite impressed.  They have a new policy at Good Shepard Hospital.  The babies stay with you the whole time.  The only time the nurse takes the baby is to bathe it and weigh it.  The truest sense of rooming in. 
Andrew meeting his Auntie Christie
35 years ago Heather was one of first babies to room-in at University Hospital in Oklahoma City.  A news article was written about her.  The concept was new then, a mother and baby stayed in the same room and the mother took care of the baby.  The idea was to make the bond solid.  In the case of both of my girls, it did.  It was a wonderful experience.

Ah...there you are peeking out at us.
Here comes a yawn...

Oh such a big yawn!
Ah... back to sleep much for play time!

So our family grows and we could not be happier!  Welcome to the world Andrew!

Happy trails...


  1. Oh, congrats to the new grandparents. That is so neat, BUT please tell all the children enough, already! No more hanky panky for a while because I want you two to come back to Big Meadows next year and visit no more grandkids for a while, OK????? LOL LOL LOL

  2. heather may7/15/2012

    That was fun, hopefully we will be home tonight.


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