A 5K Race and Walk...

Back in August when school started, the Huston Huffman Exercise Center sent out a flier stating they would be holding a 5K Fun Run and a 1 mile walk.  I asked Christie if she would like to participate as I wanted to do the mile walk.  She said yes so I signed us up.  Over the past few weeks Christie and I have been walking and then she would do a run to get ready for the race.

Three weeks ago on a Tuesday she went to the Huff as we call it and got our race packets. Each of us got a T-shirt and a timing chip for our shoes.  I did not have to wear mine as the mile walkers were not part of the sanctioned race.

That next Saturday morning the alarm went off at 6 a.m. to which I got up and started getting ready.  You have to understand that I just never get up immediately but will laze in bed for at least a good 15 minutes before arising.  Not yesterday.  I got up, took care of business, ran my blood test, went to the kitchen and fixed a fried egg sandwich on Hungry Girl fold-it flat bread

Christie got up about 6:45 a.m. and did her thing and then we stretched and headed off for area where the race was being staged.  We along with 500 other people, dogs, strollers and wheelchairs bound participants lined up at the starting line to await the sound of the starter pistol.  The 5K runners were in front of the walkers.  The pistol went of and so were the runners. 

We walkers lined up and off we went to the sound of the pistol.  I started the race in good fashion but quickly discovered that my left shoe was too tight and had to stop to make an adjustment.  A third of the way through the race my right foot started bothering me so I had to stop again and re-adjust the right shoe.  Ever since my knee surgery and due to the fact that the Doctor changed the angle of my legs, my feet have bothered me if I try to walk for any distance.  I have been doing better and am starting to make progress in the length of my walks. 

With my water bottle in hand and my feet feeling fairly good I struck out again at a decent pace for me.  One foot in front of the other, keep it up, you can do it.  I rounded the corner and saw the finish line in sight at the end of the block and kept plodding along.  I moved to the street as there were some other walkers in front of me that took up the whole sidewalk.  I saw the finish line clock in front of me and by the time I crossed it 23:40 minutes had gone by.  I felt good and felt like I could have walked for at least another half mile or so.  Instead I waited to see Christie finish at a personal best time of 28:50 according to their timer.  Her Nike timer had her under that by 30 seconds or so.  All I know is she was real pleased. 

We rested for a few minutes then went to the car to do cool down exercises and to stretch.  If felt good.  I have never participated in a race before, even though I did not race for racing itself, but rather to get up, get out of the house and feel good about moving. does a body good!

Happy trails...


Company's a comin'...

Bobbie and Jim
Got an email the other day from Bobbie and Jim Chapman, full-time RV'rs, saying they were on their way to Oklahoma  and would be staying in the area for a few days to see old friends and to give Jim some rest before heading on south to meet up with the Mossman's who are fellow RV'rs and friends of the Chapman's.

We met Bobbie and Jim while camping at Big Meadow Campground in Southfork, Colorado during the summer of 2009.  They were the camp-hosts for the campground. They are responsible for biting us with the full-time RV bug. 

It's been since the fall of 2009 that we've seen Bobbie and Jim. They passed through once while on their way to south Kansas to work at in one of their processing centers during the Christmas shopping season. We had a lovely dinner of Pizza, beer and a decadent desert from BJ's Pizza and Brew-house and enjoyed the company of Bill and Leslie aka The Bear and Butterfly, fellow RV'rs who have since gone off the road to tend to aging parents, who were traveling with Bobbie and Jim. They too worked at that season. 

Bobbie has an infectious bubbly personality and a laugh that will stay with you forever.  We are looking forward to seeing her and Jim again this week.  Jim reminds us of Dave's Uncle Cyril, a fun loving guy with a great smile and so willing to help when one is in trouble. I can't wait to try out some of Jim's famous Bar-B-Que.  I hear the angels weep with joy when he stokes up the grill.  Until then...

Happy trails...