Day 8....Car, Poor Car

Good Morning All,
Had to get up early this morning to go to the bathroom in the dark. The moon was up overhead and Venus shown like a single diamond in the sky. It was so bright because the sun was just starting to come up. All the other stars had disappeared.

Jim soon came to say the tow truck was on its way and was coming. Dave and Jim went down to get the food box, ice chests, books, my jeans and take the hitch rack off the back of the car. Boy what a mess.

Got coffee fixed, put fuel in stove and fixed myself some peanut butter honey toast for breakfast. The first piece I fixed I held the bread over the flame with the tongs, the second one I did, I put it on the griddle. It was great!. Yum! could have some more but won't. Am going to read now.

Dave came back to say they were getting ready to leave and he showed me how to change out the photo card on the camera. He is off now. Blew him a kiss and told him I loved him.

Bobbie and I are off to the Farmers market in South Fork this morning. Bought some blueberry, strawberry rhubarb and sweet jalapenos Jams made locally, and an Amish Cookbook, what else is new with me. Purchased some cute pot scrubbers and sun visors. Picked up a few things from the grocery store, one of them being bread.

Got back to the campsite and Jim helped me move from site 4(beautiful) to site 40 (not as beautiful) but nice. Had to move because another camper had site 4 reserved. We did not dismantle the tent but put it on top of his truck bed to move it. It was a sight. I got every thing put way. Bobbie brought my groceries over to the site as they are next store to us. I had to go to the necessary shack which was now back up at the top of the loop. Made the hike up and back and noticed that a chipmunk had gotten into my brand new loaf of bread. Had to take out the first 3 pieces and transfer the rest to the old bread bag. Bobbie was an angel. She made me a tuna fish sandwich with Cheetos and some chocolate pudding and some pink lemonade. How did she know I love all of that! And served on the cutest plastic tray. I will have to pick some up from Walgreen's next season. How can we ever repay their kindness? After getting everything put away and finishing lunch I started reading my next book that I had started back at Christmas and was a third of the way through. "Pillars of the Earth" I had read it 17 years earlier. It was one of those books that was hard to put down. All afternoon I chased the shade. The tops of my knees got burnt. I put on my Mary Kay gel for sunburns and they should feel better soon. Charlie Ramirez in site 3 came by and said there was a change in dinner plans and we were invited for home cooked ham and beans that had been cooked all day over a fire in a dutch oven and homemade cornbread. Dave was not back from Pagosa Springs when time came to go down for dinner. Neither was Jim, he was up at Tucker Ponds campground helping out the camp host there. After Charlie said the dinner prayer, dinner was served. Boy was it good. I ate 2 bowl fulls. Then I saw Dave come walking down the hill, he had made it back from Pagosa Springs. The car needed a new fuel pump. Jim was also able to join us for dinner. All of us shared great conversation. There was Stucky and Barbara, Charlie and Dawna and their son Kyle. Kyle had recently finished his stint in the Coast Guard up in Alaska, and was trying to become a firefighter like his dad in Oklahoma City, and Jim and Bobbie the campground managers and Dave and myself. Dave took a picture of the group, Kyle had already left, just wish he could have been in the picture The only other person missing out of the picture was Dave who was shooting the picture. It had been a long day and we made a date to have breakfast with Jim and Bobbie the next morning. The campsite we were moved to (thankfully there was a spot available) was situated where the tent caught all of the car lights as they came back into camp at night. As we were getting settled into our sleeping mat we noticed lots of lights more than normal. The group above us also decided to start setting up their screen tent at 11:30 at night using their outside voices and clanging metal pole together. I wanted to yell "Use your inside voices it's after 10 P.M." but that would have been counterproductive as I would have been just as guilty. Boy what a day! I finally got to sleep.

Amore and Arrivederci For Now

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