Day 10....Home At Last!

Good Morning All,

It was good to sleep in my own bed. Did not get up until about 10:30. Was able to get up and walk like a normal person. Thank goodness the temperature outside had cooled off some. Christie had made coffee so I went and got a cup. It was good. Now to unpack the car and put things away and start getting laundry done. All the fun stuff after a vacation. Dave asked if we wanted to go to the 3:55 P.M. showing of Harry Potter. I said "no" as I was too tired and would not enjoy it. Maybe tomorrow.

We took the car to a service shop and they plugged their little outboard computer into it and the "service engine light" was indicating that the car needed to have the catalytic converter looked at. If we had known that we would have continued on up to Leadville for that "mountain pleasure" "comme ci, comme ├ža" .

So tired but came in and read Bobbie and Jim's Blog and thought I can do this. So that is how this blog of Musings came about. I more than likely will not write in it much except for the special occasion here and there, until we get out on the road. But you never know I might surprise myself.

I hope you have enjoyed following along with our story of our first vacation in some time and the pictures we took. It has been fun! Until next time...

Amore and Arrivederci For Now

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  1. You did good, Susie. Your blog is started, and is alive and growing. Keep it up....I want to hear about your day to day activities and the progress you and Dave are making in becoming fulltime rvers. Don't forget to join Escapees RV is the best and you can learn so much from their discussion forum. See you soon. Bobbie


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