Day 4....Hot Springs Here We Come

Good Morning All,

Did the coffee thing this morning and went into town and got breakfast at the Feelin Good Coffeehouse and Cafe. Service much better. Food good, I think they are getting it down.

We went back to camp and got our stuff for showers & swimming.
Went over Wolf Creek Pass and the Great Continental Divide to Pagosa Springs. Stopped at the ranger Station and purchased a book on Colorado Wildflowers and a wildlife guide. Dave happened to overhear 3 guys talking bout hiking and such with the Ranger and thought to himself, professor types. He wanted to go over and ask them were they taught, but he resisted.

We then went on to the Visitor center to pick up some items on the springs and such. Talked to a real nice man who helped out at the Visitor center. I asked about Mexican food and he told us about Ramon's which was 4 stoplights west of town. Little did we realize there was a mile in between each stop light. It sits cati-cornered to Micky D's and is tucked in behind it.

We ate lunch at Micky D's and then went on out 17 miles to Chimney Rock Archaeological area.http://www.chimneyrockcolorado.com/chimney-rock-history.php to buy some magnets for the kids. The magnets are handmade and each one
has a different design on it. All of them are in native hieroglyphics of the Anasazi Indians. They were really cool to look at. Lots of wild life around. We arrive just before the last tour of the day. But decided not to go as I did not have on the right kind of shoes and it was really hot and the altitude was starting to get to me. From a distance the chimney looks huge. But the closer it get it seems to change in size.

How we ended up here was that Bob at the visitor center recommended it as we had been looking for something to take back to the kids. It is fun to watch the birds here. The humming birds pay no attention to us humans. They dart in and out of the feeders defending their territory. As soon as one leaves another is there to fill his spot. It is so fun to watch.

Saw a Colorado Blue Bird, sad to say Dave did not get a picture of that one. But he did get pictures of the hummingbirds. Ruby Throats, Broad tails and Grey Hummingbirds.

It's not often that you get to see one of these little guys sitting still especially a gray hummingbird.

Headed back into Pagosa Springs, was told to go get our Senior Citizens Cards at the Senior Center to get into the Hot Springs as it would save us money. We did, and are now senior members of Archuleta County...and we saved about $10.00. http://www.waymarking.com/waymarks/WM6HD We had a wonderful 3 hours at the hot springs and met the wives of the professors that we saw at the ranger station that morning. Talk about a small world. We then went and had our showers. It felt soooo goooood to get clean again and to wash the hair. We then went back out to Ramon's, I had the chicken Enchilada Suisse which was recommended by Bob at the Visitor Center and Dave had the Burrito Grande with shredded beef. The food was very good and the atmosphere great.
We finished dinner and headed back to the campsite, built a nice fire, our first, and reminisced about the day and watched the stars pop out in the evening sky. Then we retired for the night.

Amore & Arrivederci For Now

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