Day 5...Travelin the Roads and Reading

Good Morning All,

Had a restless sleep. Dave woke up around 4 with a headache and I hogged the bed. Hmmmm Bad Me! He took some Tylenol and went back to sleep, I got up around 6 and fixed coffee and shot some pictures of the critters. Dave has been teaching me how to use the camera and change out the lenses so I have been having fun with it.
Here are some of the pictures that I took. This is a series of early morning shots at the campsite. I thought that the color of these clouds were especially nice since the sun was just starting to come up over the ridge of the mountains. It was very early and the campground had yet to stir. Quiet time is between 10 p.m. and 8 a.m.

This little fellow was enjoying some Bing cherries that had become a little too ripe. (Fermented) He was a little wobbly as he left his perch. Actually it was somewhat funny to watch him. At one point he sat and barked at me with a woeful voice, it was like he was trying to hold on to his perch with all his might while chewing me out for making him drunk from Bing cherries...too funny!

There was plenty fodder for the fire. I managed to get it started with a single sheet of newspaper. It is so pretty here. We saw a weasel last night inspecting the wood Dave brought back then it chased off a chipmunk. Apparently chipmunks are on their diet. I did not know weasels were yellow with black tipped tails and very small. I found out that their diet consists of chipmunks and the one we saw was chasing a chipmunk. I love the play of light amongst the trees. The filtration of the morning light is nice. If you see red marks on the trees it means that they are going to be removed once the campground has closed for the season. They are going to install a water system for the area and enlarge the lower loop to accommodate more handicapped campers. Our stimulus dollars at work.
We spruced up a bit around the campsite and then we went in for breakfast around 11:30. A little late for breakfast but the girls at the Coffee shop accommodated us. Definitely a Facebook must. Love those Buckwheat pancakes.
Heading into Alamosa today for gas and ice. Wal-Mart time, going to get some tomato soup to have grilled cheese & soup for lunch. Going to take it easy today and do some reading and just rest. Had another bout with Travelers D yesterday, sure makes you feel punky. Hmmmm...Just the word Punky made me think about the time Christie, many moons ago had to have Punky Brewster Shoes. Just got a call from the girl again, had to transfer more money into her account to keep her from overdrawing. She needs to get a job. She said she killed two wasps today out by the trailer. She also said that all the theatres at the Warren were sold out for Harry Potter for the midnight showing. Drove back to the campsite and along the way we stopped at a DQ in Monte Vista and got chocolate malts MMMMMM Good!
Dave built a fire and I started reading. Am trying to finish my book "Shelters of Stone" by Jean M. Aule. Took a break and fixed dinner, Grilled Cheese Sandwiches and Tomato Soup & Baby Dill Pickles with Salt and Vinegar Potato Chips. Good Stuff Maynard! Had a real treat this evening, Marshmallow and a friend came into camp this evening. One of our neighbors Frank, from Tuttle, OK walking his Cocker spaniel "Chelsea", dropped by to chat and pointed out the two bucks that were laying down in the grass up by the outhouse that I had just departed from. They then got up and moved into one of the campsites where the people were feeding them marshmallows. One was a 6 point and the other and 8 point buck. it was a delight to see the two of them. I went back to my book as Dave put another log on the fire. It was overcast so no stars tonight. It got cool enough for me to move into the car to finish reading my book. I am ready for the next and last book in the Earth Children Series. Went to bed at 10:10 P.M.

Amore and Arrivederci For Now

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