Day 7...Off and running again.

Good Morning All,

Got up this morning , made coffee and a campfire. Have my Oklahoma soccer Sweatshirt on that Christie gave me for Christmas and my new camp shorts that I got at Wal-Mart the other day. Am looking at the map to see where we want to go today. We may go to Durango. On the way is a lake called Valecito Reservoir that I have heard about but have not seen. We are going to have Pizza with Jim and Bobbie tonight in Creede. Should be fun. Had bacon and homemade biscuit's and sausage at our little coffeehouse. Talked to Christie for a few minutes. Made it over to Durango and had lunch at a Del Taco. Went through one area that had sensors along the highway that would detect animals and alert you to their presence. Never made it to the lake. Heading back to the campground to change then over to Creede for Pizza.
Darn! the car quit just as we pulled into the turn off for the campground, thank-goodness it didn't happen up on the pass. A very nice lady by the name of Becky who is from San Antonio, gave me a ride to Bobbies. She is staying in South Fork this year but came up to look at the campgrounds, said that it must be a God thing that she was there to help us. Jim has gone down to give Dave a tow back to the campgrounds. I am making the rounds with Bobbie as she collects the money from the campers who have not paid and telling new campers about the campground rules of "quiet time". The campground is "Full" for the first time since 4th of July and Jim and Bobbie are quite excited about it.

Marshmallow made his usual evening appearance but there were some new campers in the loop with a crew if teenage kids who thought it was fun to run after Marshmallow and chase him. Jim had to go down and give the kids a talk on "you don't chase the animals, they were here first and you are just visiting".

We all piled into Jim and Bobbies truck, a one ton diesel Ford dually and headed off for Creede. Dave and I were surprised as to how well it rode and the quietness of it. Jim said that Dodges were just too noisy. We went to the Miners restaurant. While I was in the BR the crew went ahead and ordered. When I got back to the table the waiter was delivering our appetizer of french fries and Rocky Mountain Oysters. Yep! Heard about em but never set my teeth into one until now. They were quite good. Would not hesitate to have more in the future. The pizza was good, it was an Italian meat pie, a little burnt on the bottom but good.

Found out that Jim is a retired radio man, did everything at the station and a was volunteer firefighter for Alamosa, Co. Bobbie is a retired media person from the library in Alamosa. They have been married for 25 years, and have been full-timers for two years now. Sold everything and hit the open road. They have been living their dream. Both Dave and I have been in the radio business so know what it's all about.

After dinner we went to the ice cream shop which use to be the fire station. Dave and I got the coffee ice cream, it was very good. Got back to South Fork and made a call to Farm Tow. They are to arrive here in the morning and take the car over to Pagosa Springs. Said our prayers and Thanked the Good Lord for providing us with new friends. Amen

Amore & Arrivederci For Now

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  1. Jim turned green when I read him this post and your saying we have a dually FORD. It is a Chevy! Jim has only owned a Chevy his entire life and wanted me to tell you so :) :) :) Bobbie


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