Good Golly Miss Molly...

We get to meet "The Two Lindas" Sunday.  Our friends Bobbie and Jim emailed us the other day saying "The Two Lindas" would be working in the area and would it be ok if they called us.  Well, darn rootin tootin it's OK!!!!

I have been following Bobbie and Jim since 2009, ever since we met them at Big Meadow campground near South Fork, CO where they were the camphosts for the campground. Bobbie was the one who got me to start blogging. I have often read of these two ladies in Bobbie's blog and wondered if I would ever get to meet them. 

We will be meeting them Sunday afternoon at the lake and will partake in some dinner and talk about full-timing and working out on the road.  Dave and I are so looking forward to meeting them. I'm just about ready to bust my britches!

Yeehaw, Happy trails...

Love Is In The Air...

Several blogs back I wrote about a male Mourning Dove that had lost his mate.  The poor guy was so fore lorn and his songs reflected that. It went on for several weeks. Sometimes it was hard to sit outside and listen to him.

While sitting outside today at noon having a tuna sandwich on Pumpernickel, I heard a soft cooing, turned my head and looked up into the tree behind the house and discovered our male had a new mate.  He was very attentive and fawning all over her.  I noticed the different sorrowful calls that he had been emitting had stopped, and I can say she was certainly soaking up all the tender male attention.  What girl wouldn't!

                                           As John Paul Young would sing "Love is in the Air"

As far as our Mourning Doves are concerned, everything is right with the world. Love, indeed, is in the air!

Happy trails...


It's a Green Day and a Birthday To Boot...

I love March! Not only is it a month of renewal where everything from flowers to trees to animals shake off the cold of Winter to be reborn in the warmth of the coming Spring.  Weather wise it's a volatile month that might include tornado's, snow, high winds, floods or gentle ground soaking rains falling on a drought stricken area. Wildflowers are starting to burst forth with an abundance of color.
A bright yellow tulip smiling up at me.
Phlox on parade
Lilacs in bloom

March is my birthday month.  People born under the sign of Pisces are Compassionate, Adaptable, Accepting, Devoted and Imaginative. Yep that's me to a T.  To make matters even better, today is my birthday.  Yes, I'm a St. Patrick's Day girl...hence, my middle name, Patricia.

I woke up to coffee being placed on my nightstand and after running my blood sugar test which was 113 this morning, I lazed in bed and watched a couple of episodes of T.J. Hooker with William Shatner.  

Once up I was given a lovely birthday card along with a pot of Irish Purple Leafed Shamrocks and a few gifts to be opened this evening. 

Colorful Gift Wrap
My darling hubby is a person after my own heart.  He wraps gifts in anything he can the colored sales circulars from the newspaper. Colorful and bright.  You really have to look at them to notice they're not wrapped in gift wrapping paper.  Such a silly guy.  That is why I love him so.

Oh such pretty toes!
After opening my card we went to lunch at our favorite luncheonette, Sooner Dairy Drive-in on Main Street here in Norman.  They serve up a good hamburger with fries and a chocolate malt.  Then off I went to be pampered by having a pedicure in a massage chair that will put you to sleep.  I need to do that more often, it felt so good.  Since my knee replacement surgery it has been hard for me to see the bottoms of my feet and to trim my toenails. As a diabetic, I need stay on top of that as well.

After receiving a phone call from my youngest daughter in Cleveland, OH where she says St. Paddy's Day is a huge deal up there, I opened my other gifts.  I got a DVD copy of My Bodyguard with a young Adam Baldwin (Casey on Chuck), no relation to Alec Baldwin, and a DVD copy of "The Joy Luck Club" two movies I really like and now I have them in my collection. 

I received many Birthday greetings on my Facebook page,through emails and text messages which made my day.  I even got a photo of my Grandson in his Irish green and a phone call from my brother and his family. My niece's birthday is Monday.

I am so blessed with a wonderful family and friends who care...thank you all.

Happy trails...


Christmas Lights...And DST...

What is it about colored Christmas lights that puts one into a good mood?  Is it the warm colors that affect the mind? It's dreary, wet and cold outside with a slight wind...Burrrrrr!!!!

As I sit here at the computer with my first cup of Joe I realize I'm tired. Yep it's that time of year where we have turned our clock ahead one hour, except for Arizona, lucky them. Due to a lack of sleep, for which I will take a nap and recover, my mind is dull.  That is what happens to me with DST.

But I digress, I felt I needed warmth in my office this morning to counter-act the dreary outside.  I have a big picture window in my office and back in 2009 I put up Christmas lights to warm my room from the cold of winter that year, then I left them up.  From time to time in the dark of night, I will turn my lights on then go outside to look at them.  The window is in clear sight of the street and approaching cars get to have a moment of happiness as they pass the house.

There are times when I will turn on the lights and get in the car just to drive around the block so I can see the lights as I approach the house.  It cheers me up and improves my mood.

Winter 2009 Just seeing the colors made me happy.
I think people need to leave up their Christmas lights as it is inviting and cheery.

Have a cheery day and stay warm and out of the rain.

Happy trails...


One is Gone...

For 20 years we had a pair(s) of Mourning Doves that would sit on the high wires in our backyard.  It was always fun to watch them and listen to their cooing.  There were times when we could almost walk right up to them before they would take flight. The girls would put out seed for the birds in the winter and the doves would come to feed, the girls named them George and Gracie. 

Recently one evening, I started hearing a very strange bird call. At first I thought it was an owl but I could never locate it, but it was close to the house and the call was continuous.  Then last evening (dusk), I heard another bird call that was unfamiliar and I started looking around and spotted the single dove high up in the trees flying from tree to tree singing his mournful song. Then I noticed there was only one which I thought was strange, don't they always travel in pairs? 

This morning he was outside my bedroom window calling again, but with no response.  This solitary bird has been calling his mate continuously for several weeks now changing up his song each time trying to arouse a response.   

I think I found his mate several weeks ago mangled by a hawk in my back yard.  At first I thought it was a Robin but now thinking back to the scene, it may have been this Doves mate.   It definitely was not a cat kill.

Mourning Doves mate for life and it hurts my heart to know that he won't get the response he is so desperately seeking.

After doing some research I have found that he will seek out a new mate and maybe he won't be lonely for long.



Shy One...

Well as luck would have it the baby did not want to have its picture taken and would not turn toward the camera. So...we wait awhile longer to find out the sex of the baby.


What Will It Be.....

Today is a big day in our family.  Today we find out if we are going to be grandparents to a little girl or another little boy.  When the lad or lass arrives, our grandson Noah will have just turned 2. This is exciting times for us, as this will be our second grandchild. Now on the other side of the family, it will be their 11th grandchild as far as I know. We are so excited for the kids, as they are such good parents.


Silence after the Movie...

There have been few movies that I have attended where people got up in silence and left the theatre after the movie was over, due to the overwhelming impression made on them. "The Passion of the Christ" was one of them. Today it was "Act of Valor".

The theatre was pretty much packed. We went through the normal stuff, theatre advertising, awesome sound checks to upcoming trailers. Then the movie started. A lot of the scenes in this movie were actual training exercises done with live ammo, but the story line was taken from actual events.

All I can say is the film pretty much left me in awe of our military and so very proud of the men and women who work so hard every day to keep us safe from outside forces that want to kill us.

God Bless these brave men and women who guard, protect and sacrifice their lives for this country. We owe them a huge debt of gratitude...

God Bless...

P.S. I plan to make a donation to the "Wounded Warrior Project".