One is Gone...

For 20 years we had a pair(s) of Mourning Doves that would sit on the high wires in our backyard.  It was always fun to watch them and listen to their cooing.  There were times when we could almost walk right up to them before they would take flight. The girls would put out seed for the birds in the winter and the doves would come to feed, the girls named them George and Gracie. 

Recently one evening, I started hearing a very strange bird call. At first I thought it was an owl but I could never locate it, but it was close to the house and the call was continuous.  Then last evening (dusk), I heard another bird call that was unfamiliar and I started looking around and spotted the single dove high up in the trees flying from tree to tree singing his mournful song. Then I noticed there was only one which I thought was strange, don't they always travel in pairs? 

This morning he was outside my bedroom window calling again, but with no response.  This solitary bird has been calling his mate continuously for several weeks now changing up his song each time trying to arouse a response.   

I think I found his mate several weeks ago mangled by a hawk in my back yard.  At first I thought it was a Robin but now thinking back to the scene, it may have been this Doves mate.   It definitely was not a cat kill.

Mourning Doves mate for life and it hurts my heart to know that he won't get the response he is so desperately seeking.

After doing some research I have found that he will seek out a new mate and maybe he won't be lonely for long.



  1. Oh, how very sad. We all know that pain in one way or another.

  2. I sort of know how he feels! :-(


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