Christmas Lights...And DST...

What is it about colored Christmas lights that puts one into a good mood?  Is it the warm colors that affect the mind? It's dreary, wet and cold outside with a slight wind...Burrrrrr!!!!

As I sit here at the computer with my first cup of Joe I realize I'm tired. Yep it's that time of year where we have turned our clock ahead one hour, except for Arizona, lucky them. Due to a lack of sleep, for which I will take a nap and recover, my mind is dull.  That is what happens to me with DST.

But I digress, I felt I needed warmth in my office this morning to counter-act the dreary outside.  I have a big picture window in my office and back in 2009 I put up Christmas lights to warm my room from the cold of winter that year, then I left them up.  From time to time in the dark of night, I will turn my lights on then go outside to look at them.  The window is in clear sight of the street and approaching cars get to have a moment of happiness as they pass the house.

There are times when I will turn on the lights and get in the car just to drive around the block so I can see the lights as I approach the house.  It cheers me up and improves my mood.

Winter 2009 Just seeing the colors made me happy.
I think people need to leave up their Christmas lights as it is inviting and cheery.

Have a cheery day and stay warm and out of the rain.

Happy trails...

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