Silence after the Movie...

There have been few movies that I have attended where people got up in silence and left the theatre after the movie was over, due to the overwhelming impression made on them. "The Passion of the Christ" was one of them. Today it was "Act of Valor".

The theatre was pretty much packed. We went through the normal stuff, theatre advertising, awesome sound checks to upcoming trailers. Then the movie started. A lot of the scenes in this movie were actual training exercises done with live ammo, but the story line was taken from actual events.

All I can say is the film pretty much left me in awe of our military and so very proud of the men and women who work so hard every day to keep us safe from outside forces that want to kill us.

God Bless these brave men and women who guard, protect and sacrifice their lives for this country. We owe them a huge debt of gratitude...

God Bless...

P.S. I plan to make a donation to the "Wounded Warrior Project".

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