Is It The End Of The Month Already?

Have you ever noticed that when you were a child the perception of time seemed far different than today?  It seemed to take forever and ever for your birthday to roll around or it was once again time for the 4th of July and you couldn't understand why you didn't have fireworks at every holiday. Christmas seemed like it was never going to get here, and school would never end so you could get out of classes for the summer.

But as an adult, you seem to not live for birthdays but for tax time. Ugh is it here again? Already? It just seemed like yesterday I paid the darn things.  The end of February is rolling to a close already and March is just around the corner then April...jeez can't time slow down for just a cotton pickin' minute?  But as they say "Tide and time waits for no man".

Could it also be the fact that February is a short month to begin with?  There is so much packed into the month, The Super Bowl, Valentine's Day, Black History Month, Washington and Lincoln's Birthday not to mention Ronald Reagan's Birthday the same day as my dad.  My mom's birthday, my nephew's birthday, Ground Hog Day, Mardi Gras, Ash Wednesday, International Condom Day, William H. Harrison's Birthday, who you say?      

 The 9th President of the United States. He was nicknamed Tippecanoe after the battle of Tippecanoe and was known as having the shortest term of any President, as he died 34 days after taking the oath of office from pneumonia. Why? He stood out in the cold and wet without a coat or hat on to give his 2 hour inaugural address then rode in the parade through the streets of Washington. Duh!

Oh, I must not forget that February has one extra day in it.  So for all you Daisy Mae's out sure to ask "yer feller" for his hand in marriage if he hasn't asked you already.  If you don't know who Daisy Mae is, I guess you will have to follow the link...follow the link...follow the link...

Happy trails...


  1. gorgeous header photo! hope all is well.

  2. Yes, time is a flying by. I often wonder why the perception of time is so much different as well. I suppose it is because now we have less of it. You know the candle always burns quicker as it gets shorter. :-)


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