Becoming a Rabbit...

I never desired to be a rabbit, but a rabbit I am becoming.  Now, I understand why Peter invaded Mr. Megregor's garden.  Tender shoots of baby spinach, arugula, purple cabbage, baby carrots, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, lettuce, cucumbers, green beans, parsnips, tomatoes and so much more.   Huh? You say.  I know that sounds strange, but since being diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes I find I'm eating more vegetables than ever.  I have always loved my veggies but I also like pasta and various meats(which brings out the lioness or bear in me), trying to find a balance has been difficult but I'm figuring it out. 

Let's take pasta, for a diabetic pasta is a no-no due to the high carb. count and blood sugar spikes. But I have managed to find a pasta that I can eat and enjoy and not blow my carb count and it tastes wonderful, Dreamfields Pasta. I have also found a foldable flatbread that I love and is low in carbs, plus very healthy, Flatout Flatbread, but my all time favorite in this line is the Flatout Hungry Girl Foldable Sandwich Flatbread.  I like the one that is Whole wheat with flax seed and only 90 calories and 15 carbs. Unfortunatly I have to go to Longview, Texas to find this as the Oklahoma Wal-Mart Super stores don't carry it. This morning I had a toasted Rosemary and Olive Oil Flatbread with avocado slices and cooked egg whites with rubbed sage and lemon pepper. It was so good and I enjoyed every bite of it.  The dogs undoubtedly enjoyed the slice of avocado that hit the floor as it quickly dissapeared.   

I find that I have the munchies after 9 p.m., but I think I've solved that problem.  Around that time I like to have popcorn or chips, you know the oral crunch gratification thing.  Well, I now have my salad along with 5 Cruchmaster Multi-grain crackers (Gluten Free) at that time and am quite satisfied. Two days in a row now I've had a normal fasting blood sugar upon arising from sleep. YEA!

I'm determined to control this without medication, but with diet and exercise. I've purchased several good books to help me with this, one of them being Diabetes DTour Diet, and it all seems to be working.  My short term goal is to be at 200 lbs. by my birthday, March 17 and to have my blood sugar under 100, plus maintaining it by my next Doctor's appointment in April. My long term goal is to get to 145 lbs and maintain good habits and blood sugar.  My first weight goal is to loose 10% of my body weight, which I have lost 20 lbs. to date (since August) and have 3 lbs. to go. Next goal will be to loose 21 lbs., of which I should meet my goal of 200 by my birthday. Good goals to have. 

When I was first diagnosed my a1c was 8.1 which means diabetes.  At my last check up it was 6.9.  The Doctor was thrilled as was my dietician to see I had lost a full point off my a1c. I am determined to get it under an a1c count of 5 and keep it there.

There's nothing like getting a good kick in the gut to see that you're on a road to destruction and you have chance to turn it around. And that's what I am doing.

Happy trails...

As Promised, A New Fence...

Fitz watching Lizzy and Bear trying to find a way out of the new fence
Several weekends ago we put in a new fence to secure the back yard for the escape artist dogs.  The old fence had been there for 33 years with the odd panel or board being replace here and there as my soccer player daughter would break the slats rebounding the ball against the fence (we would pay her a dollar for every slat she broke). But the time finally came to replace it when the big boy started pushing through the fence to find a way to freedom and David was having to stake the outside of the boards to prevent the push throughs.

Rob, our neighbor and a former construction supervisor came over to help us.  He and Dave loaded up in his truck with trailer in tow, Christie and I lead the procession in the suburban, off to Home Depot we went. After totally changing our plans on the fence we walked out $339.00 poorer. However we got the beginnings of a new fence.

After getting back to the house we unloaded the trailer of fence panels, boards and screws.  First order was to move all the stuff we had against the old fence trying to block the path of the dogs.  Then we started taking down the old fence, I kept a few fence boards to make some frames for some paintings I did.  The old wood should look good. Then we dug out some of the old posts that were rotten and set two new posts.  I did learn a new trick today, when setting fence posts mix the concrete in the hole with the post in place, saves an extra step.   After the posts had set up we started putting up the new fence.  Measure twice cut once. We started at 10:00 this morning and finished up at 6:30 this evening with Christie and I using our new head flashlights to help the guys finish installing the latches.

The rouges gallery enjoying the weather

After a long day it felt good to let the dogs out to explore their new fence. Ah snifforama and let's scent this thing or not!

I have one more project and that is to put up the icicle lights along the garage so when the "kids" go out I can see them in dark corners. No more hiding from "mom."

I would post the pictures of the fence but alas I have misplaced my photo card for my camera as I was trying to figure out how to transfer the pictures without a card reader, silly me. 

Happy trails...


Balls, Fences and Satellites...

If you read my blog about the wedding and the reception on New Year's Eve, you will remember I mentioned that my daughter met a nice young officer who had graduated from West Point. "Harry" spent New Year's Day with us going to the movies.  Well the short of the story is he call my daughter Tuesday after he got home and invited her to his military ball in February where he is stationed.  The flight has been booked and today we went shopping for a cocktail dress.  Needless to say she doesn't fit into the Jr sizes any more besides they are totally inappropriate for this occasion and Women's is just a tad too big, what to do.  We will go out again tomorrow and look some more.  What she did try on was smashing but you can't dance in something you can barely move in.

The dogs have busted through the fence more times than I care to think about, therefore we are going to replace the fence this week.  We went to Home Depot today to figure out what all we needed and what kind of fence we wanted.  We have decided to go with a pretreated dog ear wooden style, total cost $355.00, not bad.  Hopefully this will solve the problem and stop some of the barking at every little thing they see. Installation starts Friday.  So we're going to get a lesson on fence building.  Oh how fun.

While out today I decided that tonight would be hot dogs over a fire night.  I got a nice fire going in our fire pit in the back yard and roasted the wienies. Had coleslaw, baked beans with salt and apple cider vinegar flavored kettle chips to go with it.  I sat outside to eat as it was lovely out, not too cold. It remindes me of camping and eating out in the mountains. Oh how I love it.

Dave and Christie joined me after they had finished.  Christie brought out her IPad which has the neatest app on it.  She pointed the IPad to the section of the sky she wanted to look at and it brings up the stars that are out in real time. It shows the constellation that the stars and planets form and also shows the satellites that are passing through the area.  We saw the International Space Station and several other satellites which were identified and several that were not.  Those could have been military or other countries satellites that didn't want to be identify for the app.   The night sky and moon were dazzeling tonight.  I know that I will have to get an IPad so I too can look at the stars but I also want to get a good telescope as well. Both are essential if you are going to stargaze.

After banking the fire and clearing the dishes from dinner, we sat down to a couple of movies.  Tim Burton's "Alice in Wonderland" with Johnny Depp to which I promptly fell asleep but was awake to watch "Rio" Which is a cute animated film about bird snatchers and two blu McCaws.  If you want something fun and lite, this is the film to see.

Well time to call it a day.

Happy trails...


Another Movie...

January and February are typically our movie months. With me taking an extra week off we decided to go see The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo today.   This is a well made film with lots of twists and turns in its intriguing plot.  This film is not for the faint of heart.  At times it is quite brutal, has lots of sexual content and violence but also has lots of suspense. It's a who done it that will keep you thinking.
 No yawner here. 

You can go to Wikipedia and read the synopsis of the story.  I did not, had no clue what it was about. But being 62 not much shocks me any more. 

As I understand this story is a three book crime series. The next movie will be "The Girl That Played With Fire."  I'm looking forward to seeing it when it is completed.  In the meantime I may read the books now.  It has piqued my interest.

Happy trails...


Movie Day...A Family Tradition

For many years now, too many to count, New Year's Day has been a 3 movie, movie day. Even if we were out on the road driving back from Florida after visiting Walt Disney World or going to a soccer tournament, we would always stop in Panama City, FL.  set up the tent trailer on New Year's Eve and head to the only theatre in town at that time, a 6 plex, and watch our three movies in one day, New Year's Day. 

It all got started when the girls were little, we decided to go see a movie at the local theatre, once finished we still had plenty of time on our hands and decided to see another movie. After that movie we went and got dinner and decided to see another one and that is how it started and continues to this day and our daughter and her family have also started this tradition.  Everyone thinks we're nuts but we have so much fun doing this.

Our three picks this year were Sherlock Holmes, A Game of Shadows, The Adventures of  TINTIN and War Horse.

Sherlock Holmes with Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law was as good as ever leaving you with the feeling there will be more.  Guy Ritchie is a very talented director, the acting superb and special effects amazing.  A must see. 

The second selection was Steven Spielberg's Tintin.  A capture action film like Avatar but all animation.  It was very good and I did enjoy it but I did find myself, like Emperor Joseph II of Austria, yawning at times.  If you remember the movie Amadeus, you will remember the Emperor yawning during a performance of "The Marriage of Figaro."  It could have been that I was tired from the late night before and with the dark theatre, lent itself to the yawns, who knows. 

In between the second and third movie we went to grab tacos at Taco Mayo just around the corner of the Warren Theatre in Moore, OK just off Interstate 35 and 19th St.  If you're ever this way I highly suggest that you see a film there. There's plenty of parking and the lot will accommodate a big rig or two.  The Warren will be opening a new Imax Theatre soon and we're looking forward to that. There are lots of good movies on the horizon.   One that I am waiting to see is The Woman in Black with Daniel Radcliffe.  He looks totally different without his Harry Potter glasses.

The last movie of the day was War Horse, another Steven Spielberg film based on  a children's book about the  true stories of  "Warrior" a Canadian Cavalry Horse. This book was turn into a play and then into a movie.  This one I highly recommend.  However be ready to have your tear ducts cleaned, at least three hankies.  It's a very emotional film, beautifully done with outstanding photography, superb acting and beautiful scenery at times.  If your not familiar with the story it's about a horse and the hope he brings to various people he comes in contact with during World War I. Be prepared for brutal battle scenes.  The horse used for the film was one of the horses used for the movie Secretariat.  This movie will not disappoint. As my hubby says, "Good old fashion film making at its best."

Today has been filled with the annual Parade of Roses from Pasadena, CA,  football and food. We have the OSU Cowboys against Stanford tonight.  Go Pokes!

Want to welcome aboard some new followers MARTHA and TERRY they're a couple of 50 something boomers traveling full time in their 39' Fleetwood Discovery, with their 10 year old Beagle, Charlie. You might know them from their blog Gypsy Life Journal, Howdy folks!

Happy trails...


New Year's Eve and Counting....Ooops New Year's Day!

Just a few more hours until we can say "Rest In Peace 2011...Welcome 2012". 

Laid up at McBride Hospital in 2010
What a year it's been for our family.  I didn't have a major surgery(knee replacement) to sideline me as in the past two years. Yay!

 We got to visit several times with our ever changing grandson who is a little pistol.
Noah being Noah, such a boy!

Our youngest daughter moved from Marietta, GA to Cleveland, OH with the help of her daddy for another internship, this time in Athletic
Compliance at the university there.  She's living in a shoebox of an apartment with barely a kitchen to cook in.
 The "BIG" news!

We are expecting our second grandchild in 2012.

We learned how to text with our new cellphones, have to have those pictures of the grandson you know. Keeping up with the ever changing technology really keeps you on your toes, you either learn it or in my case pitch it across the room in frustration, I'm known for that.

We're getting new neighbors, Robert and Talita, in November of 2012 as the house across the street was torn down and a new one is being built in its place, hence we have a vacant lot for the moment, but the contractor has poured the foundations so construction is underway.

I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes but am working on controlling it with diet and exercise.  So far I have lost 17 pounds and have brought my blood sugar down from 187 to 117.  No wonder I was feeling so bad all the time. I now do strength training 3 times a week and journal my food intake at loose it or caloriecount They are both excellent tools in helping you with weight loss. At the moment the gym is closed but will reopen Tuesday so we are looking forward to getting some time with the exercise equipment. The thing I find interesting is everyone wants you to use their meter so I now have three meters for testing my blood.  So far I like the Bayer meter. It's not so much testing my blood but pricking my fingers that gets me.

Yesterday I went and got a new "do" to welcome in the new year.  Today is for shopping and picking up the essentials (a gift card) for a wedding tonight. 
My new "do."

Some of my friends had a good year, some others not so terrific and I pray for the one's that lost loved ones or have loved ones with medical problems. I also pray for our men and women in the armed forces who are in harms way.  What is past is past and we look forward to new beginnings with a new year to be filled with new memories.

As we start this new year, here's a little something from James  A. Farley, an English physicist and chemist. "Never think any oldish thoughts. It's oldish thoughts that make a person old."

So lift your glasses high, "Salute to Auld Lang Syne!" Now give your honey that long expected kiss.

Should old acquaintance be forgot, and never brought to mind? Should old acquaintance be forgot, and old lang syne ?CHORUS:
For auld lang syne, my dear, for auld lang syne, we'll take a cup of kindness yet, for auld lang syne.

And surely you’ll buy your pint cup! and surely I’ll buy mine! And we'll take a cup o’ kindness yet, for auld lang syne.
We two have run about the slopes, and picked the daisies fine; But we’ve wandered many a weary foot, since auld lang syne.


We two have paddled in the stream, from morning sun till dine†; But seas between us broad have roared since auld lang syne.

And there’s a hand my trusty friend! And give us a hand o’ thine! And we’ll take a right good-will draught, for auld lang syne.

HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone, may your year be filled with happiness and may you be prosperous.

Happy Trails...

I typed this up yesterday with the intention of posting it yesterday.  I was waiting on a picture to be sent to me via hubby. Alas it did not happen and we went to the wedding and reception that lasted till we all closed the place at 2 a.m. this morning.  Boy those West Point people sure know how to P A R T Y!!!  It was a beautiful wedding and the reception was one of the best I have been to in a long time. And I have been to a lot of fancy schmancy receptions but none like this one.  The food was awesome. They even had a omelet bar after midnight. An open bar, a live band, one of the best that I have listened to that did not repeat a single song and an absolutely fabulous cake.  The reception food was awesome as well. The staff at 747 was terrific, couldn't have asked for better.

Today we are off on our annual New Year's Day 3 movie marathon.  We will be taking a young officer (daughter met him last night) from the reception with us. No point in sitting in a hotel room all day.

Again, Happy New Year!
P.S. The picture I was waiting on came and so I posted it. It's the vacant lot.