As Promised, A New Fence...

Fitz watching Lizzy and Bear trying to find a way out of the new fence
Several weekends ago we put in a new fence to secure the back yard for the escape artist dogs.  The old fence had been there for 33 years with the odd panel or board being replace here and there as my soccer player daughter would break the slats rebounding the ball against the fence (we would pay her a dollar for every slat she broke). But the time finally came to replace it when the big boy started pushing through the fence to find a way to freedom and David was having to stake the outside of the boards to prevent the push throughs.

Rob, our neighbor and a former construction supervisor came over to help us.  He and Dave loaded up in his truck with trailer in tow, Christie and I lead the procession in the suburban, off to Home Depot we went. After totally changing our plans on the fence we walked out $339.00 poorer. However we got the beginnings of a new fence.

After getting back to the house we unloaded the trailer of fence panels, boards and screws.  First order was to move all the stuff we had against the old fence trying to block the path of the dogs.  Then we started taking down the old fence, I kept a few fence boards to make some frames for some paintings I did.  The old wood should look good. Then we dug out some of the old posts that were rotten and set two new posts.  I did learn a new trick today, when setting fence posts mix the concrete in the hole with the post in place, saves an extra step.   After the posts had set up we started putting up the new fence.  Measure twice cut once. We started at 10:00 this morning and finished up at 6:30 this evening with Christie and I using our new head flashlights to help the guys finish installing the latches.

The rouges gallery enjoying the weather

After a long day it felt good to let the dogs out to explore their new fence. Ah snifforama and let's scent this thing or not!

I have one more project and that is to put up the icicle lights along the garage so when the "kids" go out I can see them in dark corners. No more hiding from "mom."

I would post the pictures of the fence but alas I have misplaced my photo card for my camera as I was trying to figure out how to transfer the pictures without a card reader, silly me. 

Happy trails...

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  1. Remembering back to when we had a stick and brick, the price you paid for your new fencing isn't too bad!!! Glad it all came together OK.


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