Movie Day...A Family Tradition

For many years now, too many to count, New Year's Day has been a 3 movie, movie day. Even if we were out on the road driving back from Florida after visiting Walt Disney World or going to a soccer tournament, we would always stop in Panama City, FL.  set up the tent trailer on New Year's Eve and head to the only theatre in town at that time, a 6 plex, and watch our three movies in one day, New Year's Day. 

It all got started when the girls were little, we decided to go see a movie at the local theatre, once finished we still had plenty of time on our hands and decided to see another movie. After that movie we went and got dinner and decided to see another one and that is how it started and continues to this day and our daughter and her family have also started this tradition.  Everyone thinks we're nuts but we have so much fun doing this.

Our three picks this year were Sherlock Holmes, A Game of Shadows, The Adventures of  TINTIN and War Horse.

Sherlock Holmes with Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law was as good as ever leaving you with the feeling there will be more.  Guy Ritchie is a very talented director, the acting superb and special effects amazing.  A must see. 

The second selection was Steven Spielberg's Tintin.  A capture action film like Avatar but all animation.  It was very good and I did enjoy it but I did find myself, like Emperor Joseph II of Austria, yawning at times.  If you remember the movie Amadeus, you will remember the Emperor yawning during a performance of "The Marriage of Figaro."  It could have been that I was tired from the late night before and with the dark theatre, lent itself to the yawns, who knows. 

In between the second and third movie we went to grab tacos at Taco Mayo just around the corner of the Warren Theatre in Moore, OK just off Interstate 35 and 19th St.  If you're ever this way I highly suggest that you see a film there. There's plenty of parking and the lot will accommodate a big rig or two.  The Warren will be opening a new Imax Theatre soon and we're looking forward to that. There are lots of good movies on the horizon.   One that I am waiting to see is The Woman in Black with Daniel Radcliffe.  He looks totally different without his Harry Potter glasses.

The last movie of the day was War Horse, another Steven Spielberg film based on  a children's book about the  true stories of  "Warrior" a Canadian Cavalry Horse. This book was turn into a play and then into a movie.  This one I highly recommend.  However be ready to have your tear ducts cleaned, at least three hankies.  It's a very emotional film, beautifully done with outstanding photography, superb acting and beautiful scenery at times.  If your not familiar with the story it's about a horse and the hope he brings to various people he comes in contact with during World War I. Be prepared for brutal battle scenes.  The horse used for the film was one of the horses used for the movie Secretariat.  This movie will not disappoint. As my hubby says, "Good old fashion film making at its best."

Today has been filled with the annual Parade of Roses from Pasadena, CA,  football and food. We have the OSU Cowboys against Stanford tonight.  Go Pokes!

Want to welcome aboard some new followers MARTHA and TERRY they're a couple of 50 something boomers traveling full time in their 39' Fleetwood Discovery, with their 10 year old Beagle, Charlie. You might know them from their blog Gypsy Life Journal, Howdy folks!

Happy trails...

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