Balls, Fences and Satellites...

If you read my blog about the wedding and the reception on New Year's Eve, you will remember I mentioned that my daughter met a nice young officer who had graduated from West Point. "Harry" spent New Year's Day with us going to the movies.  Well the short of the story is he call my daughter Tuesday after he got home and invited her to his military ball in February where he is stationed.  The flight has been booked and today we went shopping for a cocktail dress.  Needless to say she doesn't fit into the Jr sizes any more besides they are totally inappropriate for this occasion and Women's is just a tad too big, what to do.  We will go out again tomorrow and look some more.  What she did try on was smashing but you can't dance in something you can barely move in.

The dogs have busted through the fence more times than I care to think about, therefore we are going to replace the fence this week.  We went to Home Depot today to figure out what all we needed and what kind of fence we wanted.  We have decided to go with a pretreated dog ear wooden style, total cost $355.00, not bad.  Hopefully this will solve the problem and stop some of the barking at every little thing they see. Installation starts Friday.  So we're going to get a lesson on fence building.  Oh how fun.

While out today I decided that tonight would be hot dogs over a fire night.  I got a nice fire going in our fire pit in the back yard and roasted the wienies. Had coleslaw, baked beans with salt and apple cider vinegar flavored kettle chips to go with it.  I sat outside to eat as it was lovely out, not too cold. It remindes me of camping and eating out in the mountains. Oh how I love it.

Dave and Christie joined me after they had finished.  Christie brought out her IPad which has the neatest app on it.  She pointed the IPad to the section of the sky she wanted to look at and it brings up the stars that are out in real time. It shows the constellation that the stars and planets form and also shows the satellites that are passing through the area.  We saw the International Space Station and several other satellites which were identified and several that were not.  Those could have been military or other countries satellites that didn't want to be identify for the app.   The night sky and moon were dazzeling tonight.  I know that I will have to get an IPad so I too can look at the stars but I also want to get a good telescope as well. Both are essential if you are going to stargaze.

After banking the fire and clearing the dishes from dinner, we sat down to a couple of movies.  Tim Burton's "Alice in Wonderland" with Johnny Depp to which I promptly fell asleep but was awake to watch "Rio" Which is a cute animated film about bird snatchers and two blu McCaws.  If you want something fun and lite, this is the film to see.

Well time to call it a day.

Happy trails...

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