Another Movie...

January and February are typically our movie months. With me taking an extra week off we decided to go see The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo today.   This is a well made film with lots of twists and turns in its intriguing plot.  This film is not for the faint of heart.  At times it is quite brutal, has lots of sexual content and violence but also has lots of suspense. It's a who done it that will keep you thinking.
 No yawner here. 

You can go to Wikipedia and read the synopsis of the story.  I did not, had no clue what it was about. But being 62 not much shocks me any more. 

As I understand this story is a three book crime series. The next movie will be "The Girl That Played With Fire."  I'm looking forward to seeing it when it is completed.  In the meantime I may read the books now.  It has piqued my interest.

Happy trails...

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  1. The "dragon" books/films are too brutal for me. We went and saw the latest Mission Impossible movie and that was very well done. Next we want to see the latest Tom Hanks/Julia Roberts movie. Miss you.


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