Another Semester Done...

Seventy six semesters of cannon fire...cannon fire! I remember oh so well the first time Dave and I ever heard it when we were in our new house and wondered what it was and then a slow grin of recognition grew across his face as he said "The engineers have graduated." Each year, twice a year the engineers fire off Old Trusty for each graduating
Old Trusty at The University of Oklahoma
engineer. Last night there must have been quite a few as I heard quite a bit of cannon fire. 
Shortly after the Carillon bells in the bell tower started their 6:00 p.m. strike. All can be heard from my house. 

We live close enough to the campus that we get the flavor of campus sounds, from game day festivities to the roar of the stadium when the football team scores a touchdowns. Frat house parties when they have a bands playing to the roar of the crowds when OU hits one out of the park at the baseball park or when the girls score a goal you can see the fireworks from our house. Who wouldn't want to live here? 

OU is a beautiful campus just to take a Sunday stroll on to admire the landscaping and the architecture. It's also a great place with great traditions to get an education. I sometimes wonder why you have to leave Norman to see a great play, browse amongst the history of our ancestors or gaze upon the works of Rembrandt or Picasso or listen to fine classical music? Answer is, you don't, it's all right here at OU..ever changing exhibits, artists, musicians and playwrights, its here with the finest faculty and students. Norman is so fortunate to have on its doorstep the finest public university in the United States.  I can say my David would say that David Boren has accomplished the "Yale of the West" here at OU.  

I did not go to OU nor was I born here in this state, but I would have to say after living here in Norman for 43 of my 66 years I would have to declare I am a Sooner at heart no matter where I will be in the world




What is it about a hug that is so important to a person. Is it the physical touch, emotional touch or the touch on the soul that tells you that you are important or all of the above? 

Science tells us a baby who is put in a crib, changed, fed but not touched or hugged...dies. Science also says we need to be giving and receiving at least 9 hugs a day, that it is beneficial for our health. 

We all need that one on one physical touch to tell us we are alive, to let us know we have worth and we are important.  A hug reaches the soul and makes it soar and leap and do a thousand somersaults. It makes us young. A hug releases stress and lets it ebb away. 

A hug lets us lean on another to cry when we need to. To hug back reassures the other person that you understand their pain and will be there for them.  A hug transcends a lot where words sometimes fail.

Hugs are important, so why is it so hard for people to hug each other.  Why has society put such boundaries on hugging? Why is it now so politically incorrect to do so that now you are seen as a stalker or a monster or molester. Enough already! A 4 year old child can't hug their friend and now ends up being expelled from daycare and labeled as a child molester? Really? Get a life people!  Enough of the PC crap!

Without hugs I don't think I could make it though the day and believe me I need lots and lots of them right now. 

Have you had your hug today? Better yet...Have you given a hug today?