When the Fat Lady Sings...

It's been almost three months next week since Dave passed away.  A lot has happened, a lot hasn't.

The house rebelled on me, the latest...the garage refrigerator finally died and the door knobs and locks keep locking me out of the house.  I did purchase a dorm fridge to keep drinks in and I'm purchasing new door knobs and a dead bolt for sure. 

The Celebration of Life memorial for Dave was wonderful. My Son-n-law outdid himself in the design of the program.  Each picture tells a story of Dave.  On the front page is one of him shooting a film, his
Dave's passion
passion.  The next page is him shooting an event (one of my favorites shots which was the subject of my first anniversary gift to him, note pads with his name and that picture in blue at the top). The
Subject of Note Pads
next shot in the series, my "son" shot one of Dave shooting himself in a house of mirrors, "Dave infinite with his camera"
Dave Infinite
and the last is very special, a shadow shot of Dave holding Noah's hand while walking. J you are awesome!
Dave and Noah

I started a new business (one that was suppose to be Dave's) Tastefully Simple. Making the dishes is so simple that even Dave was able do it.  So I thought I would go ahead and honor that plan. 
Beer Bread and Feisty Fajita Dip 

I have the 2010 taxes in the bag, only one more year to go and I am finally done, except I have to wait for the lost will to be probated next week, then I can look at Dave's accounts for tax purposes. It has been frozen all this time. 

A visit with Social Security the following week will clear up some other matters a well.  

I'm still looking for that "special" Class C to come into my life.  I'm looking for a Diesel, bunk beds, over head bunk and separate quarters for me, all under 34'
Everyone keeps asking why so big? My family is important to me.  I plan on taking lots of family vacations with them.  I want the boys to see the country as their mom got to see it when she was a little girl, I also want the boys and their parents to have their own area and the (kids/dogs) to have their area and my daughter to have her area, a somewhat decent kitchen with an oven. I found a 37' Endura
Diesel that I just love, it even has a craft space just for me, but some of the places I want to go to won't accommodate it. I'm also thinking of getting a small toad to be able to make day trips. So the search goes on. 

After all the taxes are in the bag and to the accountant I will be able to shed the millstone about my neck and start in earnest clearing the house.  I know...I keep talking about it but now there is a light at the end of the tunnel, however faint it may be.

I have given my boss notice that I will be retiring as of January 5th.  If I want to get paid for the Christmas Holidays I have to work until the 5th, University rules...

Plans are to finish going through stuff and get ready for an Estate Sale.  Sell the house (already spoken for) leave for Kansas City to pick up Christie and then off to see the Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington DC for two weeks in April. After that everything else is written in Jello. We are both excited about it. 

For now the Fat Lady has not put in an appearance, but I will let you know when she is about to sing!
Not yet Brunhilde! Not yet...

190 days and counting...

A Day Just For Christie...

Our youngest daughter was in town for a conference this past week.  It was nice to have her home again, sometimes this house is just too big for one person. 

The day she turned 31 her daddy passed away, so she didn't get to have her customary dinner of her choice.
Today I treated her to a movie and dinner. 

We went to see How To Train Your Dragon 2 in 3D at the IMax Theater at the Warren in Moore, OK. In two words...wait for it...truly awesome.  What a story, what visuals, what animation and it really moved me. It's not everyday that you get to see something that is cinematically spectacular. They really outdid themselves this time around.  The animation should get an academy award.  

If you have not seen the movie be prepared to be moved emotionally.  I had to wipe my eyes a few times.

Afterwards I asked Christie where she wanted to go to dinner at to which she replied "wherever"  "No" I said, "this is your birthday dinner and the birthday person always gets to choose where they would like to go, so where do you want to go?"  "Tarahumaras"

Tarahumaras in my estimation has undoubtedly  the best Mexican food in Norman. Where can you go, where the the chips, salsa and cheese are already on the table waiting for you?  It is very authentic and the story behind the restaurant is rather interesting. 

Christie enjoying her dinner of Carnitas del Puerco
Efrain Romero had this idea for a Mexican restaurant, wonderful fresh food, beautifully presented and delicious as well, courteous service at a reasonable price.  Problem was, no bank in Norman wanted to give him a loan to get the business started. So Senior Romero went to the next town south of Norman and they were very willing to loan him the funds to start his restaurant. He went
Carnitas del Puerco
in remodeled the inside of an old Dairy Queen, got his menu together and hired his staff.  The doors opened in 2001, Norman loved his food and have not stopped loving it. 90 days after opening his doors he paid off his loan and proceeded to borrow more to start expanding.  They have expanded 4 times, purchased 3 houses to the west of them and made the area into a parking lot as original had long seen better days. 
Margarita Swirl 
I had the Carne Asada

Afterwards we came home to watch some World Cup Soccer and went on a wild roller-coaster ride with Portugal tying the USA in the last 30 seconds of the game.  It was so disappointing to see.  We thought the USA was going to be able to hold them.  We will have to beat Germany for sure to advance. 

Well, that was our day in a nutshell.  Hope you had a great day filled with adventures.

194 days and counting!



Before Dave passed away, both of us were talking about picking up another home business to take out on the road.  I have my Mary Kay business and this was to be his. The choice was Tastefully Simple.  We felt it was the perfect business.  It was so simple that even Dave who wasn't a cook, could use the product and put the dishes together.
These are Sooo Good!!!
Tastefully what!?!?  If you haven’t heard of  the product…Well there are many…Seasonings, dip mixes, breads, cakes, biscuits, cheese balls, marinades, sauces etc... I could go on and on. Most items only need one or two ingredients to fix.  Others would need your meat or vegetables to complete the meal.  Then there are full recipes to try.  Dave and I were looking at all the different dips and cheese balls for joining in with Happy Hour with other full-timers.
Mango Slush - Yes alcohol can be added...Yummy!
After we had his Celebration of Life event, we gathered at the house for a buffet and conversation.  Tastefully Simple’s  Va Va Veggie cheese ball was out and gone in no time.  Christie had to make up the other package as it was a huge hit.  The Festive Fajita dip was a big hit as well along with the Trio of Bacon Bacon, Onion Onion and Garlic Garlic.  I have never tasted anything so good as the Garlic Garlic,  the others were already gone by the time I got to the table to get any food. 
Cake in a mug! For those who want just a bit,
but not a whole cake.
So, I am shamelessly plugging my new business.  I accept credit cards, pay pal, check and cash of course. If you purchase anything under $60 there is a $6.99 shipping charge anything over $60.00 is 12%.  If I meet you out on the road no shipping, just tax.  If you purchase $50 or more I will give you a Dill Pickle Dip (2 packages) as a Thank You!  Who can say YUMMY!

You may view the catalog here.  I do hope you will try it as I know you're going to like the product. It just makes dinner and entertaining simpler.

You can contact me at   to leave your order.

Happy trails!


Will Have Somthing To Write About Soon...

I know it's been a while since I last posted, but honestly I have been so busy with trying to make some sense of all that has been going on that I haven't had the time to post anything on my blog, but that is about to change soon.

Some fun things are around the corner and I will be writing about them shortly.  

So stay tuned. 

As Farmer Lapp from "Witness" said to Harrison Ford "Stay safe out there among them English!"

From our last camping trip together in 2009