When the Fat Lady Sings...

It's been almost three months next week since Dave passed away.  A lot has happened, a lot hasn't.

The house rebelled on me, the latest...the garage refrigerator finally died and the door knobs and locks keep locking me out of the house.  I did purchase a dorm fridge to keep drinks in and I'm purchasing new door knobs and a dead bolt for sure. 

The Celebration of Life memorial for Dave was wonderful. My Son-n-law outdid himself in the design of the program.  Each picture tells a story of Dave.  On the front page is one of him shooting a film, his
Dave's passion
passion.  The next page is him shooting an event (one of my favorites shots which was the subject of my first anniversary gift to him, note pads with his name and that picture in blue at the top). The
Subject of Note Pads
next shot in the series, my "son" shot one of Dave shooting himself in a house of mirrors, "Dave infinite with his camera"
Dave Infinite
and the last is very special, a shadow shot of Dave holding Noah's hand while walking. J you are awesome!
Dave and Noah

I started a new business (one that was suppose to be Dave's) Tastefully Simple. Making the dishes is so simple that even Dave was able do it.  So I thought I would go ahead and honor that plan. 
Beer Bread and Feisty Fajita Dip 

I have the 2010 taxes in the bag, only one more year to go and I am finally done, except I have to wait for the lost will to be probated next week, then I can look at Dave's accounts for tax purposes. It has been frozen all this time. 

A visit with Social Security the following week will clear up some other matters a well.  

I'm still looking for that "special" Class C to come into my life.  I'm looking for a Diesel, bunk beds, over head bunk and separate quarters for me, all under 34'
Everyone keeps asking why so big? My family is important to me.  I plan on taking lots of family vacations with them.  I want the boys to see the country as their mom got to see it when she was a little girl, I also want the boys and their parents to have their own area and the (kids/dogs) to have their area and my daughter to have her area, a somewhat decent kitchen with an oven. I found a 37' Endura
Diesel that I just love, it even has a craft space just for me, but some of the places I want to go to won't accommodate it. I'm also thinking of getting a small toad to be able to make day trips. So the search goes on. 

After all the taxes are in the bag and to the accountant I will be able to shed the millstone about my neck and start in earnest clearing the house.  I know...I keep talking about it but now there is a light at the end of the tunnel, however faint it may be.

I have given my boss notice that I will be retiring as of January 5th.  If I want to get paid for the Christmas Holidays I have to work until the 5th, University rules...

Plans are to finish going through stuff and get ready for an Estate Sale.  Sell the house (already spoken for) leave for Kansas City to pick up Christie and then off to see the Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington DC for two weeks in April. After that everything else is written in Jello. We are both excited about it. 

For now the Fat Lady has not put in an appearance, but I will let you know when she is about to sing!
Not yet Brunhilde! Not yet...

190 days and counting...


  1. The program photos are really nice! Good job by son-in-law! It won't be long until Jan. 5...time will pass quickly. Sounds like things are coming along. Remember...slow and steady wins the race! Keep looking and you will find your perfect RV! Take care! Have a good 4th!

  2. Thanks! I was happy with how it turned out and was honored to be the one to make that small tribute to him and his life. He was (is) more than just a "father-in-law" to me and I would be lying if I said I shed just a few tears while making it. Especially with the back page: I took that photo of him and Noah (my oldest) as we were leaving the museum and thought their shadows told such a beautiful story in such a simple, often overlooked subject. When I found that photo while making the program, I knew it was perfect. In a way, to me, it is an illustration of our "immortality": we live on through our kids, grandkids, and future generations through memories and the love we share and pass down. That simple image of him walking with that 3 year old, being so patient holding his little hand is a gift that I know Noah will treasure when he is older, knowing how much his PomPom loved him. That was the first one I've done for a memorial (I usually stick with birthdays and weddings!), but I was happy with how it turned out. Thanks for the compliments!


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