A Phoenix Rising From The Ashes...

Bear the Barker
Every project takes on a life of its own.  Several months ago on a Tuesday, Grant McD showed up on my doorstep, tool box in hand ready to tackle the project ahead of him. Thank goodness the morning was cool, the threat of drizzle was eminent. Bear greeted him with incessant barking to which I had to relegate him to the back yard for the time being.  

Grant took down the old trusty vent-a-hood that had withstood the test of time and several motors over the years which had seen better days, it was time to go.
Old vent-a-hood and cabinets
He tackled the oven, pulled it out onto my island, ready for Hahn appliance installers to work their magic on Friday.  

First he trimmed out the hole for the oven and made the space smaller, beautiful job Grant! It was seamless.
New trimmed out space for new oven
Next he took out the shelf and raised it two inches and put in the support brackets then trimmed the front panel to fit. 
New space for Microwave Oven

On Friday when the appliance guys came to install the appliances the brackets that Grant had placed in the shelf were too big so they couldn't install the microwave.  I had to call Grant back out for him to tear out the brackets which not only had he screwed in but glued as well. UGH!  Poor guy, he was so stress as his wife was getting ready to deliver a new baby the following Friday and he had other jobs he was trying to finish up as well. He re-sized the brackets and everything looked great.

Once again I called the appliance guys back out to hang the microwave, lo and behold this time the door wouldn't open. It need one half inches to open as there was no space therefore I was going to have to hollow out the wall, well....I won't say the word. So off I went to Home Depot to get a Wood Chisel set, a Dremel and spend the next two days carving out a space for the door to open.  
Carved out area on wall for door to open on Microwave
The appliance guys came back on Monday to hang the microwave and the space is not big enough!?!?! One of the guys picks up my hammer, chisel and Dremel goes to work and in five 
minutes has the space carved out big enough for the door to open.  It is rough looking but with wood putty I can make it look great and with paint even better. 
Installing new Italian Oven
They hung the microwave then discovered they didn't have the piece to connect it to the pipe to vent it to the outside, that meant they are going to have to send a custom crew at $80.00 an hour to connect the vent pipe connector and cut a slightly bigger hole to fit the piece. Well dang Bojangles. 
New Microwave Oven

Once they get it all done hopefully it everything will run smoothly (fingers crossed) and it will be worry free, however I did take out an extended warranty. Hopefully the 4th time will be a charm. 

Congratulations Grant and Rachel on a beautiful baby boy!
Grant and his new son

I am ready, bring on the food!  Let's get cooking!