49 Days and Counting>>>

They say that each journey starts with a first step.  49 working days from now I will be retiring and starting my new adventure.  At the moment I am in the process of looking for a motor home.  I want a Class A gas, 34-36 feet long with bunk beds, but am willing to get my feet wet without bunk beds for now. 

Why bunk beds?  I love my family dearly and want them to take trips with me and with three little ones, three dogs and 4-5 adults; it could get a little crowded. Matter of fact we have some awesome trips planned already.
This is what I am looking at for now.

I like the layout

It has lots of room. 

They say you will buy at least three RV’s before you find what you want.   I just got a text from a friend about their toad and tow bar. Got wind of a motor home last weekend and am going to go look at it. RV show in OKC is this weekend.  Things are starting to come together.

I have my eye on this vehicle to tow behind the motor home. It is s 2013 Honda CR-V.  It drives well and already has the tow equipment already attached and ready to go as the previous owners bought a 5th wheel and truck.  
It has a back-up camera.
The car I am looking at.

It’s hard to believe that there is a light at the end of the tunnel of work. I can ever so faintly see its glimmer.  Trying to get all my peas lined up for the pod is taking some time, but it is slowly coming together.  I feel I will be able to get more done at the house once I retire.  Work at the moment just drains me.  I have discovered that my best time to work is in the mornings, I seem to be more focused during the am hours.
Part of my Tastefully Simple Display

The other side of the table display
This last weekend was a busy one for me.  I did my first Craft show at a St. Michael’s Episcopal Church on Saturday at their Old Country Fair.  I had lots of people come by my booth, had some sales as well and made lots of new contacts for my Tastefully Simple business. 

Sunday was an emotional day for me.  It was the 6 month anniversary of Dave’s passing and the congregation said good-bye to our Rector. Father Alan Sutherland and his wife Judi, had been here for five years and would have been here longer but they suffered a personal tragedy in February and their lives were forever changed.  They both felt it was time to retire and move back to Kentucky to take care of Judi’s aging parents. 
Love a man in a kilt!

Fr. Alan is one of those rare people that if you ever meet him you will never forget him.  His soul is gentle and kind.  He is soft spoken but can get your attention quick if need be. His heart is overflowing with love and he genuinely cares about you. 

I was there for his first service and his last service with nothing in between, which I am now kicking myself for. He traveled through snow storms to come give me communion in the hospital in north Oklahoma City, when I had two knee replacements a year apart.  His pastoral care of our family during our time crisis (Dave’s passing) was heartfelt and was above reproach.  Here is a copy of his last sermon.

Dave came from a Welsh mother and a Scottish father.  We were married by a Scottish Priest and I only felt it fitting that a Scottish/English priest say the last words for him and commend his spirit to the Lord with the service out of the 1940 prayer book which both Dave and I grew up with.

So it’s been roller-coaster time around here and I will be glad when the roller-coaster stops so I can regain my balance.  Then I can get on another roller-coaster…WHEEEEEEE!

Stay safe…live well…


The sounds and smells of college football is in the air these days.  The days are starting to get cooler and autumn is shaping up to make a grand entrance. Wood smoke of hickory, mesquite and pecan wafts through the air.  School colors are attached to car tops and the colors Crimson and Cream can be seen flying above Motor homes, 5th wheels and travel trailers starting to  arrive on Thursday before the big game. Yes College football is in full swing along with the festivities of tailgating.
Breaking down getting ready for the game!

I have never tailgated until this year.  I've had many after game chili suppers at my house but never a tailgate tent and good company.

Fellow Stargazer
My stargazing buddy was lamenting that he didn't have a tailgate site yet so I offered him my front yard free of charge. 

I had a wonderful time and the upside of it is, that it made me clean my house which is a blessing in disguise. I am not a bad housekeeper but with all that has been going on with will searches, going through papers, pitching unnecessary documents and junk, I let things slide.  I am getting better though. Dave did all the housework for the last 17 years so I am having to find my groove so to speak.  

For our first tailgate we had brisket, beans, potato salad, yum!  Last home game was Cane's chicken with coleslaw, macaroni salad and potato salad with a lemon pudding cake.  Yum again. I'm looking forward to the onion burgers at our next tailgate, hopefully!

But I have to wait until after the OU-TEXAS game when we play Kansas State...

Can't wait until we can shout...HOOK those HORNS...BEAT TEXAS!!! Horns turned downward!