Before Dave passed away, both of us were talking about picking up another home business to take out on the road.  I have my Mary Kay business and this was to be his. The choice was Tastefully Simple.  We felt it was the perfect business.  It was so simple that even Dave who wasn't a cook, could use the product and put the dishes together.
These are Sooo Good!!!
Tastefully what!?!?  If you haven’t heard of  the product…Well there are many…Seasonings, dip mixes, breads, cakes, biscuits, cheese balls, marinades, sauces etc... I could go on and on. Most items only need one or two ingredients to fix.  Others would need your meat or vegetables to complete the meal.  Then there are full recipes to try.  Dave and I were looking at all the different dips and cheese balls for joining in with Happy Hour with other full-timers.
Mango Slush - Yes alcohol can be added...Yummy!
After we had his Celebration of Life event, we gathered at the house for a buffet and conversation.  Tastefully Simple’s  Va Va Veggie cheese ball was out and gone in no time.  Christie had to make up the other package as it was a huge hit.  The Festive Fajita dip was a big hit as well along with the Trio of Bacon Bacon, Onion Onion and Garlic Garlic.  I have never tasted anything so good as the Garlic Garlic,  the others were already gone by the time I got to the table to get any food. 
Cake in a mug! For those who want just a bit,
but not a whole cake.
So, I am shamelessly plugging my new business.  I accept credit cards, pay pal, check and cash of course. If you purchase anything under $60 there is a $6.99 shipping charge anything over $60.00 is 12%.  If I meet you out on the road no shipping, just tax.  If you purchase $50 or more I will give you a Dill Pickle Dip (2 packages) as a Thank You!  Who can say YUMMY!

You may view the catalog here.  I do hope you will try it as I know you're going to like the product. It just makes dinner and entertaining simpler.

You can contact me at   to leave your order.

Happy trails!

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  1. Sounds like an interesting and yummy business! Good luck with your new venture. Hope everything else is going well with you. We are in Coeur d'Alene, ID right now. Really pretty in this area. Take care!


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