Love Is In The Air...

Several blogs back I wrote about a male Mourning Dove that had lost his mate.  The poor guy was so fore lorn and his songs reflected that. It went on for several weeks. Sometimes it was hard to sit outside and listen to him.

While sitting outside today at noon having a tuna sandwich on Pumpernickel, I heard a soft cooing, turned my head and looked up into the tree behind the house and discovered our male had a new mate.  He was very attentive and fawning all over her.  I noticed the different sorrowful calls that he had been emitting had stopped, and I can say she was certainly soaking up all the tender male attention.  What girl wouldn't!

                                           As John Paul Young would sing "Love is in the Air"

As far as our Mourning Doves are concerned, everything is right with the world. Love, indeed, is in the air!

Happy trails...

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