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Bobbie and Jim
Got an email the other day from Bobbie and Jim Chapman, full-time RV'rs, saying they were on their way to Oklahoma  and would be staying in the area for a few days to see old friends and to give Jim some rest before heading on south to meet up with the Mossman's who are fellow RV'rs and friends of the Chapman's.

We met Bobbie and Jim while camping at Big Meadow Campground in Southfork, Colorado during the summer of 2009.  They were the camp-hosts for the campground. They are responsible for biting us with the full-time RV bug. 

It's been since the fall of 2009 that we've seen Bobbie and Jim. They passed through once while on their way to south Kansas to work at in one of their processing centers during the Christmas shopping season. We had a lovely dinner of Pizza, beer and a decadent desert from BJ's Pizza and Brew-house and enjoyed the company of Bill and Leslie aka The Bear and Butterfly, fellow RV'rs who have since gone off the road to tend to aging parents, who were traveling with Bobbie and Jim. They too worked at that season. 

Bobbie has an infectious bubbly personality and a laugh that will stay with you forever.  We are looking forward to seeing her and Jim again this week.  Jim reminds us of Dave's Uncle Cyril, a fun loving guy with a great smile and so willing to help when one is in trouble. I can't wait to try out some of Jim's famous Bar-B-Que.  I hear the angels weep with joy when he stokes up the grill.  Until then...

Happy trails...

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  1. Oh, wow, Susie, such complimentary words. I laughed out loud at the comment about the angel's weeping for joy.....funny stuff! Might have to upgrade dinner from chicken to ribs after that. See you Tuesday. Bobbie


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