He's TWO!!!...

We went to Texas last weekend to celebrate Noah's second birthday.  My daughter planed for weeks different activities for the kids, all based on Sesame Street. 

There was an Oscar the Grouch Trash Toss. 

 A Big Bird Bubble Station.

                                A Grover Color Station. 

Lots of food, cake and cookies!

A singing Elmo Happy Birthday Balloon!
A swim station with three different size pools and slip-n-slide. Dad even flopped on the slip-n-slide giving a thumbs up!

A swing set and a photo station for pictures with the Sesame Street Gang.
There were 35 to 40 people in the back yard. Everyone had a great time with so much to participate in.  Yes, it was hot but not as hot as last year.  Cake eating and present opening was in the backyard under the shade tree this year.

Boy that icing is G O O D!!!!!
Noah even blew out his candles on his special little cake, then proceeded to dive in.

Pals for life!
Everyone else had their choice of a piece of Bert and Ernie cake, special handmade Sesame cookies or special Sesame Character cupcakes.

Elmo, Oscar and Cookie Monster cupcakes all in a tray.

The only mishap that occurred happened the next day with me stepping in a fire ant hill.  I got 9 bites...OUCH!!! How the kids did not get bit I have no idea as they were running all around the yard without shoes.

Noah enjoying the water on a hot day!
Noah's birthday actual birthday was yesterday, June 30th where he spent part of the day at the new Splash Pad. What made it even more special was his picture at the Splash Pad dedication was on the front page of the local paper.
Picture that was on the front page of the local paper

The Photograhper was so taken with Noah that he included 2 shots of him for the web version of the paper. How neat is that!

He's such a fun little guy to be around. A little Dinamo on the go.

Can't wait to meet his little brother Andrew in 9 days.
Andrew giving his opinion of the party!

Happy trails...

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  1. Anonymous7/06/2012

    Don't you just love grandkids! I'm missing ours so much. We'll see them at the end of August. Looks like a fantastic birthday party!!!


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