90 Degrees...

Yesterday was my first visit back to the Physical Therapist since before Christmas as my therapy group shuts down for the holidays. At my last appointment before the break, I was at a stretched 85 degrees. Yesterday I was at the coveted 90 degrees. Karen, my therapist was surprised to see that I had graduated myself to the cane over the Christmas break and was happy to know that I had worked at my therapy during the break. She decided that I needed to go on the recumbent bike and figured that I might not be able to make the complete circle but I proved her wrong just like I did last year during my first knee surgery.

I am still having a lot of pain due to swelling but am striving to go greater distances between pain pills as I have to return to work on the 18th of January. I see the doctor on the 13th for my six week check up. I would like to be at about 108 degrees of bend at that time as it will make sitting in a chair at work a whole lot easier.

I still wear out rather easily and am working on getting my full strength back. I'm looking forward to getting into the gym to get more stretch in my knee just as I did last year. This journey defiantly take a year to recover. But It is so worth it. I can walk without the cane but sway from side to side which is not good. So for the time being I'm relying on my cane to lengthen my stride so I don't have the "limp".

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and Happy New Year to you all.

Happy Trails....

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  1. This is all good news, Susie. Keep up the good work!


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