A Winter Wonder Land...

First you have to understand that we don't get snow very often around here. We had 13.5 inches in December and we measured the top of our trailer and we got 6.5 inches yesterday afternoon. So I would safely say we are getting more than our fair share of the white stuff.

Since I am not able to get about in this type of weather and enjoy a winters walk in the snow, our daughter went out for a stroll and captured the following snaps.
A Quince bush in our front yard.

These arborvitaes are at least 15 feet tall. Now they are on the ground.

The front of The Gaylord Family Oklahoma Memorial Stadium at the University of Oklahoma.

A lone sentinel guarding the Museum of Natural History.

A girl with her sheep and dog and baby in arms going for a walk.

The storm is over and the sun is lighting the sky with hues of pink.

At the end of our block we have a "Secret Sidewalk" that connects our neighborhood to the adjacent neighborhood. As you can see in the right conditions it could be rather spooky as there are no lights in the area at night.
The girl's winter walk has come to an end as she come up on the back side of the house. I love lots of color and leave my Christmas lights up all year round in the window of my office. Outside my window is a bird feeder and birdbath which allows me to see the feeding and bathing frenzy.

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