Ground Hog Day or Puxatawny Phil...

Well it seems like ole Puxatawny Phil the Ground Hog saw his shadow today, so 6 more weeks of winter before spring arrives. I was looking at the video and if Phil saw his shadow then I'm a monkeys uncle. How you can see your shadow in a heavy overcast state is beyond me. It must have been the lights from the cameramen filming him. Hmmmmm.

The sun tried to peek through the overcast skies today but did not make it. Frankly I am ready to see some sunlight. Don't get me wrong I have enjoyed the snow but enough is enough of the overcast business. The light pole at the end of our block is about to fall over or at least snap in two. The big arborvitaes are piled with snow and have knocked over the power line thus pulling over the pole. The ice is crashing down on the streets and yards. You almost need a football helmet on to keep from being knocked out. We still have ice from the roof of the house to the ground. But I bet not for long.

We now have a giant mud hole in the backyard due to the dogs. I think I will get some hay and put it down and see if that will help the problem. I know the dogs have loved this snow, I am and I know they are ready for a patch of dry ground. Every time Lizzy goes outside we have to bathe her before she can come back in. They are being startled by falling ice and not quite sure what to make of it. To think we are due more rain and possible freezing drizzle come Thursday.

There's a tree outside my office window and today perched in its branches were the biggest fattest robins I have ever seen. Not just a few of them but 50 or more at a time. There were hundreds of robins in the courtyard.

It was interesting to see the students trying to get the ice off their cars this evening as I was leaving work. I saw two girls using pancake turners to get under the ice on their back window and flip it off. It got up to a warm 39 today. I sure could go for some 70 degree weather at the moment. But wait until it is 100 degree weather and I will be wishing for the 39 degrees. One cannot win at this game.

Dinner consisted of tenderized cube steak dredged in flour with salt & pepper and browned in olive oil along with 2 sliced onions placed on top then after browning add the tomato sauce poured on top of it (I sometimes will cut up a bell pepper in rings and put that in as well), cover and cook on low for 25 minutes. Mashed potatoes and peas. I have vowed to never fix mashed potatoes the old fashion way again. There is a new product in the freezer case that takes the work out of it. Put the bag in the microwave for 10 minutes and the let it set for 2 minutes after cooking. Follow the instructions on the bag and walla the best mashed potatoes I have had in a long time. There are 4 types of potatoes...russet, garlic, red and sweet potato. It was sooooo good. I fixed enough to have it for lunch tomorrow. :) Next to fried chicken, mashed potatoes and peas this is my next best favorite.

I went and worked out last night. Rode the recumbent bike for 15 minutes, that's the first time for that. I did my leg swings and leg presses. It felt good doing it. My leg was a little sore today but not too bad. I need to do more of my back leg bends as I am having trouble stepping down off of curbs. It's interesting how all of it comes into play, little things that you just take for granted. I also need to walk more. I'm still somewhat unsteady on my feet. I need to lengthen my stride to try and loose the limp. All of that will come in time but it sure is strange to feel like a little old lady teetering along. Today was the first day that the knee did not feel as heavy as it has been in the past. Little by little it is getting better. I need to go and have it measured to see what my extension is. The goal is to be able to sit at my office chair with my legs pulled to the sides of the chair with my toes on the ground pointed. I have a little ways to go yet on the left leg.
This is a painting that I have been working on. It is 4 paintings in one. It will have to have a custom made frame to look like window panes. It's on a 4x6 canvas board. I love doing miniatures. It takes time but it is fun. The quality of the picture is not good but at least you can see what I am doing. It is one of the activities that I do that relaxes me. I never paint at home, only when I am out on the road traveling.

Keep breathing ~ Sophie Tucker, U.S. singer
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  1. Susie, I had no idea you painted! What beautiful work...I'm impressed. You can really do magic!

  2. Amazing picture of the bird feeder. I wonder if the birds could get through the bars of ice?

    Nice work on the painting. Interesting idea of the frame that would look like window pane, but it would look strange with a different view in each pane. It would sure get my attention.

    Glad to hear that the knee is coming along. It is sounding really encouraging.

  3. Anonymous10/01/2010

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