Every Good Thing...

As they say "Every good thing must come to an end" and so it is with the Olympics. For the past sixteen days we have sat on the edge of our seats and watched Lindsey Vonn ski to a gold, then fall and break a finger. We witnessed a country come together to support one of their own who lost her mother just days before she was to skate and skate she did with determination and heartbreak to a bronze medal. We saw Apollo Ohno skate to history. Bode Miller to win bronze, silver then gold after a horrible time in Turino, Italy, the US four man Bobsled team on the Night Train to win gold for the first time in sixty years. An American Nordic team wins gold and silver, four medals overall for the first time ever in the event. Yet we witnessed heartbreak and the death of the young Georgian Luger and saw his team rise and carry on. We witnessed a nation very proud of their athletes and who sang their national anthem with heartfelt pride, even more so after winning a gold in hockey. Why as Americans are we so afraid to sing our national anthem?

So many stories behind each Olympian. And yet not enough time to hear all of them. Stories of sacrifice, heartache, horrible accidents, triumph and warmth. I think the one story that moved me was about what happened on September 11, 2001 and all of the planes that converged on the tiny town of Gander in Newfoundland, Canada as the American sky ways were shut down and how the residents took over 7000 passengers and made them part of the community for 3-4 days. There are only 10,000 residents in Gander, yet they opened their homes, gave them food, shelter, clothing, and comfort. How they unselfishly gave of themselves to so many people and asked for nothing in return. For that, the town of Gander deserves a Gold medal. Tom Brokaw did the story, if they show it again you should see it as it will make you proud of our Northern Neighbors. It might even be posted on YouTube.

Last nights closing ceremonies were fun to watch and a fitting end to the past 16 days. It was great to see how the host country made fun of itself to kick off the ceremonies. The star studded cast was awesome. And just to think all those people we know so well that we thought were Americans were Canadians! And if you have ever been to Canada you were now Canadian according to Michael J. Fox. I guess I'm Canadian as I have been there quite a few times.

I have watched a lot of winter Olympics in my life and I think this one was the best that I have seen. I thoroughly enjoyed this one. Was it because I've been to Vancouver and know what a beautiful city it is and I know how wonderful the Canadian people are? Was it because the US won in areas that we had not won in, in a long time or ever. Were we secretly rooting for Canada as well as the US? I know my hubby was. What was the magic of the Olympics this year? If you watched, what are your thoughts?

Amore and Arrivederche for now...

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