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Six weeks out from my surgery as of today, I go to the clinic tomorrow for my six week check up with more X-rays and who knows what else. So we will see what the Doctor has to say. Hopefully I am closer to loosing the cane. Another PT appointment today. Karen measured my knee flex and I have improved to 120 degrees. Only 15 more degrees and I will be at full flex with my other knee. I have a new exercise to do at home, stand with both feet on the ground and flex my left knee back in an L shape, 3 reps of 10. It feels rather strange I must say.

I still have...not necessarily pain... but tons of tenderness and ache in the bone next to the kneecap and in the hamstring tendons behind the knee. The knee is still somewhat stiff so that means that I have to get up ever so often and walk around. The other thing that is tender, and at times hurts, is the incision. I have to put Vitamin E oil on it and massage it to break up scar tissue. I hope it breaks up soon. Another thing I have noticed here lately is how sensitive the skin is on my leg. Some materials causes it to tingle like a thousand little needles gently pricking it, a very strange sensation I must say and not necessarily unpleasant.

We went to our first movie of the season yesterday, Avatar. And yes I sat there for the three hours that it played. I had to rub my leg ever so often and at least I was able to put it up on the space in between the seats in front of us as there was no one sitting in those seats. What a movie. The technology in this film will change the way films are made. We really enjoyed it in 3D. I would however like to see it in an IMax theatre although the Warren is nothing to sneeze at.

My time at home is quickly coming to an end. I have enjoyed being off of work, wish I could have gotten more done around the house but when you are incapacitated as I have been it will just have to wait until a later time when I have more stability in my legs and I don't wear out so fast, I still don't have all my strength back. Hopefully I will be much better by my birthday in March.

I will be happy to get my computer back from my friend who is a computer tech. I have been without it since the middle of October. The motherboard crashed and I sent it to my friend for her to check it out and as it was under warranty she sent it in to be repaired. She got it back and could not get it to do what it was suppose to do that she had to send it back to be repaired again. She is making sure all the updates are loaded and is making my recovery discs. Hopefully I will have it by the middle of next week. That means that I can finish my 2008 taxes and start on my 2009 taxes. It's tough to finish something when the tool you need is not available since most of your information that you need is on it. I think I may purchase a membership to an online back-up service that is secure.

The weather here was lovely today after all the cold we have had. It got up into the upper 50's today. Alas nothing ever lasts long around here as we are due rain in here for the next few days. Oh well. Ce qui sera sera.

The secret of stying young is to live honestly, eat slowly, and lie about your age. ~ Lucille Ball

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