Ice, Ice and More Snow...

Here in central Oklahoma we are known for our ice when there is cold weather and precipitation. It's so far and few between episodes that everybody forgets how to drive in the stuff. Yesterday and today is no exception. Everything started shutting down around noon yesterday and I dare say not too many people are out today. At the moment Dave is on top of a ladder with a hair dryer in hand trying to get the ice off our satellite dish.

It's a good day to be indoors and stay warm with a good hot soup and a hearty bread for sopping up the excess. Hopefully the power lines will stay up this time around. Back in December of 2007 we had a horrible ice storm that took over a week for us to get our power back on, hence the generator we now have.

The dogs love to romp and play in this weather. It's fun to watch them release their pent up energy. I really hate keeping them inside all the time but muddy paws don't go well on carpet.

I have been working on getting some packages mailed out and tackling the... ugh! dreaded word...taxes. Also I have been pulling discontinued product from my stock. It helps to weed out what you are not selling and get rid of it. I think I will donate it to our local women's shelter and in some cases pitch it altogether as some products are date sensitive.

My knee is progressing although it still hurts at times and I suspect it will for a while as the swelling recedes. I have strained my right knee though and secretly wish I could get it fixed now but I have to wait until next December when I have built up enough paid leave so I can take the time off for the surgery. The surgery was so worth it. However, I will say this...If you are not mentally prepared for this surgery and do exactly what the Dr. and Physical Therapist says to do, you might have a tough time recovering. I was so ready for this surgery. Matter of fact I have been ready since I was 25. I had to wait until now to have it done since they can only do a knee implant twice. Hopefully that will make me 75 when I have to have it done again.

If you are in the Great American Desert stay dry, if you are points South of here stay dry and if you are North and East of here get inside where it is warm.

I have long thought that the aging process could be slowed down if it had to work its way though Congress. ~ George H. W. Bush, U.S. President

Just another day in the life of...

Amore and Arrivederci For Now

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  1. 3 pm, Parker, AZ, and it is 68 degrees and sunny. Sorryyyyyyyy


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