More Doctor Appointments...

I haven't even had the surgery yet, and already I am sick of scheduling Dr's. appointments. I have three so far this month to make sure that I am ready for surgery. First off is the Dentist to make sure that I do not have any infection as it can go to my knee and infect it and possibly cause me to have to have the component removed, boy wouldn't that be great, NOT! Found out that they could not do my cleaning until next week so that is four visits to the Dr. The next is a visit to a Pulmonary specialist to make sure that my lungs are OK for surgery as I have adult onset asthma and had pneumonia several years ago. It has been suggested (STRONGLY) that I get at least 2 units of blood drawn for my surgery, went this morning along with my daughter, she is so sweet to do this for me, to have it done but my paperwork had not got there so we have reschedule for Wednesday. Then I go to the clinic to get a history done and measured and so on and so on. I wonder what they will have me do next. I'm doing my leg exercises to strengthen my quadriceps.

A co-worker loaned me her beautiful cane for my recovery. She swore to me that she was not using it any longer. Next piece of equipment is a walker. I don't know if I have to purchase one or if I can lease one, maybe borrow it instead.

Ain't life a bowl full of cherries.

Amore & Arrivederci For Now

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  1. Be brave and preserver, Sweetie Pie. It will all be worth it. Bobbie


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