First The Specialist....The Lung Doctor....Then OBI...

Was up early this morning to make a trip to north Oklahoma City to the Lung Doctor to see if my lungs were in good shape to have surgery. He basically said I sounded fine but... there is always that "But"...due to my history of 27 years exposure to second hand smoke and two bouts with pneumonia, one two years ago, he felt that it would benefit me to have a pulmonary breathing test before the surgery. So I will be going off next week to the hospital for a 30 minute test. He stated that everyone should have one of these tests at some point in their life to check the airflow in their lungs, especially as we get older.

I 'm off to the Oklahoma Blood Institute to give my precious blood for surgery. I found out that I can give again a few days before surgery without having to wait just as long my iron count is above 35. When I was in there the other day it was bloody cold in the facility. I brought a fleece cape to wear while I am there. It took more time to fill out the paperwork and pre-prepped than it did to actually draw the blood from my arm. The OBI facility is real nice on the inside. They have big plush recliners and four TV's hanging from the ceiling. They make you quite comfy and have blankets to keep you warm while you give the gift of life.

Just another day in the life of...

Amore & Arrivederci For Now

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