Dying Days of Fall and Flowers

We have a cold front sitting to the Northwest of us and it should push into the area sometime this afternoon. So this is a fine gray dull day. This is a big weather maker as Colorado is due to get 8" of snow. I doubt that we will see any of the white stuff but it will be cooler here.

The trees are loosing their leaves in massive amounts. I went out this morning to rake the back yard and made 8 medium piles for the dogs to play in. Lizzy our daughters 10 month old puppy has been a delight to watch frolicking in the leaves. This is her first experience of fall weather and leaves. She dares the other two to attack her. She loves to put her snout down into the leaves and then tosses them into the air. What fun to be a dog and have that reckless abandon.

I noticed one last red rose on my rose bush so I decided that I needed to shoot some of the last flower pictures of the season before they fade and wither away.

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