A Birthday Celebration...

Today is Dave's birthday. We came down to Texas for the Thanksgiving weekend to spend time with family and to have a family celebration of a 67th birthday, a new house & good health. Little did we know of the surprise that awaited us. Heather and J decided to give Dave an early birthday present and took us into the bedroom where we would be sleeping. There was this huge birthday card but what got my attention was behind the card.

Guess, Ya gotta guess.........give up? Awwww ya gotta guess!

A blue baby's bib with a Binky that said I love Grandpa! Then there was a baby bottle with a pink baby bib that said I love Grandma! Yes we are going to be grandparents! The surgery that was preformed on Heather in August was a success. She had fibroid tumors and most Doctors would not try to operate on them but remove everything. But they were blessed to find the top surgeon in this field and it was a success. So this coming July we will hear the wonderful sounds of a little one in our midst. A true Thanksgiving indeed. God bless you all...

Amore & Arrivederci For Now

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  1. Congratulations on becoming grandparents!!! We became great-grandparents yesterday Thanksgiving day to a little girl, Amity Rayne (Rain). Life is good!!! Bobbie


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