Count Down....

Apprehensive, nervous, excited, dreading and many more adjectives do I feel at this very moment. Tomorrow is the big day. It's not every day that one gets their knee replaced. This is going to be a tough surgery and tough recovery. Everyone that I've talked to says the first two to three weeks are the hardest but to follow what the Dr. says and what the Physical Therapist tells me to do and I should come through with flying colors.

Today is only Tuesday but it feels as if a week has already rushed by. I have to quit drinking or eating anything by midnight tonight. Take a shower and scrub the surgery knee with an antibacterial soap for 5 minutes tonight and then take another shower tomorrow morning. Guess I will be squeaky clean tomorrow. The only thing that I hate about surgery is every time I go under I come out with a little less memory. I hate loosing my memories.

I have to pack what I need to take tonight. Interestingly enough the hospital has requested that I bring all my meds and all my toiletries plus my exercise clothes with me to the hospital. They want me to also bring what I will be wearing for the next couple of days as I am supposed to be dressed by the second day. I have a feeling that they do this to save costs to not only them but to the patient as well. The only down side to all of this is that they want their money up front. I would much rather pay it out but that's the way it goes. When I have this done again next year in December I will have all the money in hand and not have to take a loan out for the procedure.

I hope the weather holds so we can get to the hospital. The weatherman is not sure but there is an outside chance that we could have snow. Me, I will take rain any day. It is suppose to be cold until next Monday then a warm-up. Just as long as we don't have the ice that we had back in 2007, that was horrible. I will keep you updated with all that goes on. I know that Dave will get some great pictures.

Just another day in the life of ....

Amore & Arrivederci For Now

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  1. Best of luck, Susie. We'll be saying prayers for you. Bobbie


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