Christmas Eve...

It's time to hunker down in the house. Dave and I went shopping last night for our Christmas day breakfast and dinner before the weather moved in. Our daughter was able to get away from here around 2 to head to her sister's house in Texas. She said that she had rain most of the way but nothing nasty. She took her dogs with her and she said they passed out for the trip, so we have our little guy with us. At the moment he seems a little lost without his buddies to harass. When the kids got him for us he was presented to us with a jingle bell Christmas collar. So I have that on him and am able to hear him before I see him which helps since he is so little and black. He is easy to trip over and I don't need that. He has a tendency to get stepped on a lot.

Our winter weather moved in around 4 a.m. this morning with howling winds and rain, at present it is sleeting and freezing. We are expecting anywhere from 4 to 8 inches of snow. This is only the 10th time in the states history that we have had snow for Christmas. Dave has gone to put gas in the car and get gas for the generator. Yes we have a generator, during the storm of 2007 we lost our power for a week and Dave went a bought a generator so we could have heat and keep the refrigerators, freezers, some lights and TV going. I had to wear ear plugs just to be able to sleep. It is one noisy sucker but it handled the load with ease. I feel better having it. We were even able to have an elderly couple move in with us for the duration.

The temperature outside is 29 at the moment. Inside it is 68. We did not set up a tree this year as no one was going to be here. Please understand I am not a scrooge but I have to be realistic. It's just Dave and myself and with my surgery it is just one more thing I would have to contend with. Dave did get lights on the front of the house so we are lit. I do have a wreath up on the door but no decorations on the inside. It just wears me out to even think about it.

I had the gingerbread candle going this morning to make it smell like I have been baking. I love scented candles. I am ready for Christmas. Yes it is going to be quite, and low keyed but it will be filled with love. Just me and my honey.

Merry Christmas everyone, I hope your day is filled with wonderment and love and much happiness.

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  1. Love reading your blog and especially today's post. We are hunkered down in a motel room in Alamosa. Christmas Eve party at one of Jim's brothers and today Christmas dinner with the other brother. Was -13 degrees last night but no snow. We leave tomorrow for Arizona. Merry Christmas, dear friends, glad to have you part of our family! Bobbie and Jim


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