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Wow, what an end to October....Halloween, homecoming, snow, thunderstorms and daylight savings comes to and end...back to coming home in the dark...UGH!. What does November have in store for us? Birthdays, Thanksgiving and lots of leg exercises. Need to loose twelve more pounds before surgery. Drink that water, lots and lots of water! Move that body, work it out!

Got Physical Therapy squared away. Would like to have gone to the McBride Physical Therapy Center but it is Out-of-Network and it would cost me more money. At least I do have insurance that will cover most of the procedure. The component (Striker Knee) is going to cost me $1600.00 up front. Insurance does not cover that. All totalled the surgery without insurance is around $40,000.00.

We dressed up in Halloween costumes today for work. I decided to come as a Contract Outlaw. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would dress up in OSU colors...Go Pokes beat Texas!

We had some really great costumes this year. It started out small several years ago and has grown each year. I find it fun to get in the spirit of the season! BOOOOOOOOOOO!

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