Decluttering and OU-Texas

It's OU-Texas Saturday and OU is up by 6 and Sam Bradford is out again due to another shoulder injury, Landry Jones is now QB of the team. I have lots of projects on my plate but today I am going to tackle the kitchen. There is so much stuff to get rid of in this house. I know I have to tackle it one room, one cabinet, one closet, one part of the shed at a time. I have a goal and I am bound to do it. OU is moving the ball at the moment. Darn...missed again. Still 6-0 OU. Gooooo Sooners! Well the Sooners played their heart out but came up short 16-13. It was a great game.

I on the other hand have been busy clearing out the shelves in my kitchen. I have cleared out a lot of stuff that needed to be gotten rid of a long time ago. A cathartic feeling.

Amore & Arrivederci For Now

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  1. Good for you in starting your decluttering efforts. It is long and arduous, but sure feels good! Bobbie


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