The Oklahoma State Fair

One of the events that Dave and I look forward to each year is Senior Day at the Oklahoma State Fair. Now you would think that a couple of youngsters like us would scoff at Senior Day but for us it is a fun filled day. After Dave had his heart attack 3 years ago we started looking at each day as a blessing and try to live life to its fullest. I work full time and I decided that the office could do without me for a day. Thank goodness I have a boss who understands.

We started the day off with a free buffet breakfast at the casino then headed out to the fair which is also free that day for seniors. This year we made a point to see the Clydesdale's and visited with Doug Sauter the coach of the former Blazer's Ice Hockey team in Oklahoma City.

Doug said that he was excited about the Edmonton Oilers farm team coming to OKC, we are too. Since Dave is a Canadian, now Naturalized US Citizen we have a fondness for Hockey.

I just wish we could afford to go to to the games.

After finishing up in the horse barn we ventured over to the Cox Pavilion and spent some time going up and down the isles. I looked at some hair items for my long hair and then Dave and I watched a demo of some cleaning products for rugs. This stuff was something else, taking dirty motor oil out of carpet and leaving it white. I was impress, needless to say we departed with $30.00 of our money and got two canisters of cleaner and a scrub broom for our carpets. We will see if it lives up to its hype. Sure hope so.

From there we ventured over to the Centennial Building and went up and down the isles there. Dave kills me, I want to stop and look at things and listen to the demos and his idea of attending the fair is to race up and down the isles to say that he was there. How he ever sees everything is beyond me.

We then sauntered over to the Modern Living Building and one again raced though the building, I can say I was in the building. We did stop long enough to have our annual foot long corn dogs to the tune of $14.00 total and then was on our way. We could have had 4 regular size corn dogs for $12.00. They will soon price themselves out of the market if they are not careful. I thought $12.00 for 2 foot longs last year was outrageous. But the state fair does have to have its cut too.

After getting off our feet for awhile we decided to head out and call it a day at the fair. We went back to the Cox Pavilion to purchase the hair items that I had looked at earlier and to pick up our carpet cleaner as we had not wanted to carry them around all afternoon. This is something that we both enjoy in September. Next year I will make it a point to let Dave know that I want him to stop so I can see some of the demonstrations. Ha Ha!!

Amore & Arrivederci For Now

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