Knee Surgery...

It's countdown time until I have knee surgery. December 2 is the big day. I will be having a total knee replacement on my left leg. I went to the Dr. last week and and was told that my knees are abysmal. According to the Dr. I will be in the hospital the first three days maybe four days and then come home. Physical therapy three days a week. I have known since I was 25 that this day would come. I am so get ready to get this over with. What I was impressed with was the electronic tablet the Dr. was using. It had all my records on it as well as my x-rays and I got to hold it and see everything. Another thing that I was impressed with was how fast I was moved through the different areas. I will start documenting the experience as I go through this journey. Talking to the insurance company and the Dr's office has been a real treat. I just want to know what the bottom line will be so I can start the financing procedure. So stay tuned for more information

Amore & Arrivederci For Now


  1. Good for you in having your knee replacement. I understand people have been very happy with the results and it will make rving more enjoyable. Bobbie

  2. Hi Susie, wish you well in your surgery.

    I am answering a question you left on my blog, as I don't know how else to get the answer back to you. I don't belong to Escapees - for one thing they are too big to suit me. Local chapters everywhere, and like a couple of other organizations I looked at, always sending emails about one thing or another. Since my mailing address & vehicle regs are from SD,I don't need SKP's mail forwarding service. But you ought to check it out and make up your own mind. Good luck.


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