Moving to Ohio...

No Dave and I are not moving to Ohio but Dave is moving our youngest daughter from Marietta, GA to Cleveland, OH this weekend to start a new job.  And all is not going well.

It started out like this...

Monday we get in the SUV to take me to work and the battery is dead.  Hence a new battery.  Dave said something like "Is this an omen of things to come"?

Last weekend we took my bike, which is 39 years old, into the bike shop the get new tires and a tune-up.  Before Dave could get the bike home on Tuesday the front tire blew up due to too much air pressure and the heat.  So he had to take it back in on Wednesday morning but the bike shop did not open until 10 which put him behind in schedule by 2 hours as he wanted to be on the road by 9.  He drove to Memphis, TN the first day and I rode the bike home, UGH!

The second day (Thursday) there was stalled traffic in Birmingham, AL and the heat was so bad that cars were stalling out on the highway.  He said it was not a pretty sight. He arrived in Marietta, GA 9 hours later. Keep in mind folks it's only 6.5 hours to Marietta.   

In the meantime Christie takes her car to the Firestone Service Center just around the corner from her for an oil change and finds out that the radiator hose has melted flat, she has no coolant in the car  which means a radiator flush plus she need two new front tires and an alignment.  $600.00 out of pocket real quick.

Dave arrives and they go get a trailer from U-Haul.  After dinner they start loading the cars.  Her couch goes in the Suburban, the Papasan chair frame get strapped to the top of her car. The next morning (Friday) they start loading the trailer.  Then they have to clean the apartment.  After inspection, which is now around 4:30 they hit the road to Kennesaw St. U.  to drop off a payment to the school where she worked.  By 5:30 they are finally on the road heading toward Chattanooga, TN. 

They stoped just outside of Chattanooga to have some dinner and Christie's car quits. At 9:00 p.m. EST. Christie is calling AAA to get a tow to Cleveland, TN to the Cleveland Tire and Auto Center.  I quickly get on the horn and find them a room at the EconoLodge in Cleveland, TN.  Ben, the gentleman with the tow truck, under contract with AAA, went out of his way to make sure that hubby and daughter got to the Econo-Lodge safely by showing them the way. The gentleman at the front desk of the Econo-Lodge was very pleasant as well and made sure they had a good room at a decent price. They showered, hit the sack and was fast asleep in no time.

They were at the Cleveland Tire and Auto Center this morning (Saturday) at 7:30 a.m. when the Center opened.  The mechanic said he had two cars in front of them that he had to finish up today but he put her car in front of them and started working on it, it needed a new alternator and battery.  Dave and Christie then found a Cracker Barrel and had breakfast, went to Wal-mart to pick up more water and ice then went back to the Auto Center, where they were surprised to see her car all ready to go.  They paid the bill of $300 and some change.   Thank you Cleveland Tire and Auto Center! 

So onward they trek towards Cleveland, OH making a stop in Florence, KY to see old friends this afternoon.  I don't think they'll make Cleveland tonight, maybe tomorrow.

Happy trails...


  1. It sounds like it has been a rough couple of days. I am confused though, if they were at the Cleveland auto center in Cleveland OH, why go to kentucky?

  2. Thanks, Alan for pointing that out. It was Cleveland, TN. I have made the correction.

  3. So sorry they had such a rough start of the trip. Interesting Alan and I are commenting on your blog and here we live 5 miles from each other here in South Fork and are yet to meet each other...just blogging buddies. Susie, tell Dave "hi" from me and Jim.


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