Harry Potter or Women's World Cup Soccer...

It's Sunday afternoon and the choice is to go see Harry Potter or watch the Women's World Cup Soccer final between the USA and Japan.  Decisions...decisions! We just finished a Harry Potter marathon since Thursday evening watching all the Potter films, so we are ready to see the final chapter of the series.

We went up to the Warren theater in Moore, for the 1:30 showing today and it was sold out, so we opted for the 7:30 showing.  Therefore we got to come back home and watch the Women's World Cup Soccer final. So far the score is Nil-Nil. 

What an exciting Sunday. Two of our favorite past times...Harry Potter movies and soccer, what could be better?  Well...our grandson and children.

Want to take this time to welcome some new followers,  Al and Kelly of the Bayfield Bunch and John and Ellen of Through the Gates of Grace.

Happy trails...
P.S. Harry Potter was wonderful, a must see, but if you have not read the book you must do that first.  The US Women lost in their bid for a World Cup Championship.  It was just not meant to be.

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