The Day After and Beyond...

Dave surprised me with beautiful lilies and heartfelt card after work yesterday.  The lilies were so fragrant that I thought I was in a flower shop.  He took me to dinner at Chelinos Mexican Restaurant where we shared a meal. 

Off to the movies we went... but the movie we wanted to see, Captain America, was sold out...maybe Sunday will be a better day.  So we turned around and drove home...looked at our own collection of movies and decided to watch The Duchess staring Keira Knightly and Ralph Fiennes.  The costumes were outstanding and won an Academy Award.  The story  of Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire is true, such a piece of history, she was the "It Girl" of her time just like Princess Diana, one of her direct descendants. Beautifully done, I don't think it will disappoint.

After The Duchess we watched The Sorcerer's Apprentice with Nicklaus Cage. It was a cute movie and after it was over we called it a night.

Skipping to today,Saturday...I took my bike into the shop to get new tires and a tune-up as it will be my only mode of transportation starting the middle of this coming week.  Dave bought me the bike the first year we were married and I have not ridden it for at least 15 years or so as it's been stored in the garage. Wish me luck as I know I will have a sore bum for awhile as I get use to riding it again, hopefully this year I will wear the helmet the correct way and not backwards.

Dave will head out to Georgia to help Christie move to Cleveland, OH where she has another internship at Cleveland State University's Athletic Department in their Compliance Office.  Sure am glad these are paid internships.  Moving from the south to the north, she is looking forward to this new experience in her life.  She's hoping to save on gas by riding on the transit system there. 

Time to run to the bank, make a deposit and find something for dinner...any suggestions?

Happy trails...


  1. My friend, Salai,and I went out to dinner and had shrimp. Salai's birthday was July 18 and mine being the 19th we try to have a birthday lunch or dinner together every year. Jim is off with the Mossman's and brothers on their annual four-wheel weekend to Ouray, CO.

  2. Cherish those evenings at home together!


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