You know, foil has many uses. One use is to remove rust from chrome, another is to wrap food for cooking. Matter of fact there is a plethora of uses for foil, just go to the World Wide Web and type in uses for foil.  You might even find one for mind control.

Today I had, had enough of the heat here as it topped 104 again. Later this week it's suppose to get to 109 with no rain in sight. My kitchen has a west facing wall and window, even though it has a tinted interior storm window in it, is where the heat was pouring in.  I decided that something needed to be done so I foiled the window.  I took 5 long strips and attached them to the top of the interior storm window and made sure they came below the sill. The difference in temperature was immediate.  The kitchen is staying cooler and I'm a happy camper.

Tomorrow I will do the same for the big window in the front bedroom.  I know it looks tacky, but those passing by are not paying my electric bill so I don't care how tacky it looks.

Stay cool my friends, stay cool.

Happy trails...


  1. The heck with whether it is tacky or not...being cool is more important.

  2. I use the foil bubble wrap blankets cut to window size, & sometimes the car window shields work too.

  3. Good idea on the heat blocking foil. I probably wouldn't have thought of that.


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